LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 2 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 2 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 2 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Barely enough: SCANT

6 Like a pooch's smooch: WET

9 "Happy Days" actress Erin: MORAN

14 Software writer: CODER

15 Texter's "As I see it": IMO

16 Defunct defense gp.: SEATO

17 Pear variety: ANJOU

18 Opening setting of "Madagascar": ZOO

19 Be carried by the current: DRIFT

20 Fort Worth sch.: TCU

21 RR stop: STA

23 Giuseppe's god: DIO

25 "S" on an invitation: SIL

26 NFL's Gronk and others: TES

27 Roller coaster experiences: THRILLS

29 Previously, to a poet: ERE

30 1999 Ron Howard satire: EDTV

32 Easy-to-spot jigsaw pieces: EDGES

33 Ado: FUSS

34 Turn back to zero: RESET

36 Hundred Acre Wood joey: ROO

37 Egyptian Christians: COPTS

38 Word from Robin preceding headache, homework, and hamstrings, among others: HOLY

40 "Beetle Bailey" dog: OTTO

42 __ monster: GILA

43 Song and dance: ARTS

45 Ramp, and what's found in each set of circles: INCLINEDPLANE

50 Con: FOOL

51 Floor models: DEMOS

52 Putting game: GOLF

54 Iconic lemon: EDSEL

56 "Live With Kelly and Ryan" network: ABC

57 Big name in whisky: DEWAR

58 Small songbird: TIT

59 Reevaluated favorably: UPRATED

62 Corp. tech boss: CIO

63 Action film gun: UZI

64 Privately: SUBROSA

65 Journalist Curry: ANN

66 Brief time: SEC

67 Taste: TRY

68 Charles of R&B: RAY

69 Macaw, for some: PET


1 Disperse: SCATTER

2 Admit having lost: CONCEDE

3 Fiddles with: ADJUSTS

4 Fresh start? NEO

5 Estate manager's suggestion: TRUST

6 Potter's specialty: WIZARDRY

7 Angsty rock genre: EMO

8 "Ta-ta!": TOODLEOO

9 Early PC platform: MSDOS

10 Above, to a bard: OER

11 Elevate: RAISEUP

12 Initially: ATFIRST

13 Qualifier for a minimum price: NOTLESS

22 With 48-Down, Time Lord played by various performers: THE

24 They, in Calais: ILS

28 "Need __ on?": IGO

31 Jam ingredient? VEHICLE

33 Cinematographer's compilation: FOOTAGE

35 Temporary usage fee: TOLL

37 PC key: CTRL

39 __-back: relaxed: LAID

41 Solemn bugle solo: TAPS

42 Early Christian: GNOSTIC

44 Kilimanjaro topper: SNOWCAP

45 Treat, as table salt: IODIZE

46 At hand: NEARBY

47 Put in prison: EMBAR

48 See 22-Down: DOCTOR

49 TV pal of Jerry and George: ELAINE

50 Womb occupant: FETUS

53 Weather map feature: FRONT

55 Unbridled desire: LUST

57 June 6, 1944: DDAY

60 Water filter brand: PUR

61 That, in Tijuana: ESA

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