LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 October 2020

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Los Angeles Times 2 October 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 2 October 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Twinings product: PEKOE

6 Spare tire: FLAB

10 Market aggressively: PUSH

14 Immortal Detroit sportscaster Harwell: ERNIE

15 Yarn: TALE

16 Wild about: INTO

17 One of 26 in the Maldives: ATOLL

18 *Maximum number of jousters allowed in a Ren faire tournament? KNIGHTCAP

20 Not touch: LETBE

21 Entomologist's tool: NET

22 Old enough: OFAGE

23 Honker in old comedy films: HARPO

25 Unsubstantial: MEAGER

26 "Silent All These Years" singer Tori: AMOS

28 Radiate: EXUDE

31 Minus: LESS

32 Put down: DEMEAN

34 Step on it: PEDAL

36 United: ONE

37 *One who really, really knows how to spin a yarn? KNITWIT

39 Chic retreat: SPA

42 "Uh-oh. Better get ... " collision repair company: MAACO

43 Showed surprise: GASPED

45 Rum-soaked cake: BABA

48 High-scoring club? MENSA

50 Suds: HEAD

51 Urgent order: ATONCE

53 Fiber-__ cable: OPTIC

55 Sportscast embellishment: COLOR

56 Trifle: SOU

58 Poppy product: OPIUM

61 *Excelled at filling in historical timelines? KNEWYEARS

63 Wolfgang Puck chain: SPAGO

64 Trillion: Pref.: TERA

65 It's often steamed: RICE

66 What Ma knows well: CELLO

67 Baking soda target: ODOR

68 Word of woe: ALAS

69 "The Kominsky Method" co-star: ARKIN


1 Toll: PEAL

2 Deco master: ERTE

3 *Tree trunk? KNOTHOME

4 Primer type: OILBASE

5 Sushi bar supplier: EELER

6 Ky. army post: FTKNOX

7 Country __: LANE

8 Touched down: ALIT

9 Ask to be excused, with "off": BEG

10 Hidden danger: PITFALL

11 Set free: UNCAGE

12 Puts on: STAGES

13 Ones who never lose faith: HOPERS

19 Manual weed whacker: HOE

24 George Eliot, e.g.: PENNAME

25 Supplemental health insurance: MEDIGAP

26 Brouhaha: ADO

27 "Of Mice and __": MEN

29 Kate on the cover of Vanity Fair's 100th anniversary issue: UPTON

30 Wet blanket: DEW

33 Dossier letters: AKA

35 __ discount: ATA

38 Bar staple: ICE

39 Total alternative ... and a feature of the answers to starred clues? SPECIALK

40 Wasabi-coated snack: PEA

41 Recipe verb: ADD

42 Thoroughbred grandfather of Seabiscuit: MANOWAR

44 Amazon, for one: SHIPPER

45 __ basics: BACKTO

46 Made up (for): ATONED

47 Short jacket: BOLERO

49 Drunks: SOUSES

52 Shout: CRY

54 Teatro Costanzi premiere of 1900: TOSCA

56 Yacht outing: SAIL

57 Whale also called a blackfish: ORCA

59 Not-cute fruit: UGLI

60 Night light: MOON

62 Stretch often named for a music genre: ERA

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