LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 2 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 2 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Most massive of all known elementary particles: TOPQUARK

9 Storage spot: CELLAR

15 Place frequented by John Jasper in Dickens' "The Mystery of Edwin Drood": OPIUMDEN

16 Bird of baseball: ORIOLE

17 Aptly named heavy-footed bird: MEGAPODE

18 Wow: DAZZLE

19 High school gp.: JRS

20 Areas of interest: SPHERES

22 Night sch. staple: ESL

23 Twelve __: neighbor of Tara: OAKS

25 Pre-fax communication: TELEX

26 One who isn't a pro: ANTI

27 Repeated phrase in Ecclesiastes: ATIME

29 Nile reptile: ASP

30 Body part: ORGAN

31 Stood for: DENOTED

33 2000s "SNL" alum: SAMBERG

35 Eastern way: TAO

36 Game console with a Mini version: WII

37 Where many have gone on vacation: FISHING

41 __ zoo: PETTING

45 Get going: IMPEL

46 Pickup hr.: ETA

48 Mexican title: SENOR

49 Animal house: LAIR

50 Polynesian people: MAORI

52 Value: RATE

53 Take responsibility for: OWN

54 California city mentioned after Kingman in the song "Route 66": BARSTOW

56 "Yo!": HEY

57 Aficionados' creations that may infringe on copyrights, for short: FANFIC

59 Oscillating curve: SINEWAVE

61 Cactus spine source: AREOLE

62 Takes advantage of: UTILIZES

63 Persian king: XERXES

64 Hiker's shelter: PACKTENT


1 Steinbeck protagonist: TOMJOAD


3 Game item made of cow leather, actually: PIGSKIN

4 In the capacity of: QUA

5 Ballpark figures: UMPS

6 Take responsibility for: ADOPT

7 Lucille Ball, e.g.: REDHEAD

8 Gets down, in a way: KNEELS

9 Scrolls successor: CODEX

10 Prominent periods: ERAS

11 Tina's "30 Rock" role: LIZ

12 Cough syrup alternative: LOZENGE

13 Home Run Derby competitor: ALLSTAR

14 Unsteady: REELING

21 Counts while working out: REPS

24 Overwhelm: SMOTHER

26 Decision maker: ARBITER

28 Online biz: ETAIL

30 Skips: OMITS

32 Extended period: EON

34 Amaze: AWE

37 U.K.-based personal organizer brand: FILOFAX

38 "That comes as no surprise": IMAWARE

39 Fidget __: SPINNER

40 First or second, say: GEAR

41 Bach work: PARTITA

42 Confused: INAHAZE

43 "Nice try!": NOTEVEN

44 Most dreary, in Dublin: GREYEST

47 Anybody's guess: TOSSUP

50 Medieval clubs: MACES

51 Like the Jefferson Memorial's columns: IONIC

54 Nastiness: BILE

55 Old TV host with an accordion: WELK

58 Kit maker: FOX

60 Quick thinking: WIT

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