LA Times Crossword answers Monday 2 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 2 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 2 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Grazing area: LEA

4 Islamic mystic: SUFI

8 Would rather have: PREFER

14 Rock concert gear: AMP

15 Mellowed in a cask: AGED

16 Novelist __ de Balzac: HONORE

17 *New Year's Eve headwear: PARTYHAT

19 Offshore driller: OILRIG

20 Loses speed: SLOWS

21 Absorbed: RAPT

23 Treats with a cold pack: ICES

24 Weather-affecting current: ELNINO

26 Vinyl record feature: GROOVE

28 Building sites: LOTS

30 Comprehensive: INDEPTH

33 France, under Caesar: GAUL

36 "And __ what happened?": THEN

38 Relative via marriage: INLAW

39 Sprint: RUN

40 *Billiards stick: POOLCUE

42 "SNL" alum Poehler: AMY

43 City near Syracuse: UTICA

45 "Trees," for one: POEM

46 Parting words: BYES

47 Compound cry of dissatisfaction: BOOHISS

49 Agile: SPRY

51 Common workday starting hr.: NINEAM


57 Indian royal: RAJA

59 Powerful engine: VTEN

61 Patty Hearst's SLA alias: TANIA

62 Florida fruit: ORANGE

64 September 2, 2019 ... and what the first words of the answers to starred clues commemorate: LABORDAY

66 "Hannibal" villain: LECTER

67 Jacob's twin: ESAU

68 Outfielder's asset: ARM

69 Muslim ascetics: FAKIRS

70 Sunrise direction: EAST

71 ___ Bo: fitness system: TAE


1 Moment of forgetfulness: LAPSE

2 Online shopping mecca: EMALL

3 Cook's protection: APRON

4 Refuses: SAYSNO

5 "That stinks!": UGH

6 Fright: FEAR

7 Suitcase tie-on: IDTAG

8 Kind of "Star Trek" torpedo: PHOTON

9 King, in France: ROI

10 Give some pep to: ENLIVEN

11 *Ground out on which the fielder needn't tag the runner: FORCEPLAY

12 Canal across New York: ERIE

13 Rules, briefly: REGS

18 Woven fabric: TWILL

22 Harry and William of England: PRINCES

25 Enzo's eight: OTTO

27 Slobbery comics pooch: ODIE

29 Frequents, as a store: SHOPSAT

31 Get under control: TAME

32 Interstate rds.: HWYS

33 Vittles on the trail: GRUB

34 Prefix with correct: AUTO

35 *Great Britain's flag: UNIONJACK

37 Symphonic rock gp.: ELO

40 Ache: PAIN

41 Infield quartet: UMPS

44 Italian wine favored by 66-Across: CHIANTI

46 Substantially: BYFAR

48 Cuts off, as diplomatic ties: SEVERS

50 Inform on: RATOUT

52 Big fight: MELEE

54 Continue until: ENDAT

55 Jewel-studded topper: TIARA

56 "I did good!": YAYME

57 Massage deeply: ROLF

58 Rectangle measure: AREA

60 Mission Control org.: NASA

63 Olympic country code alphabetically just before GHA: GER

65 Music majors' degs.: BAS

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