LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 2 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 2 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 2 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Nest egg, perhaps: CACHE

6 One of the Tide's rivals: VOL

9 Marine supports: MASTS

14 Literary musketeer: ATHOS

15 Kind of moment: AHA

16 Fancy tie: ASCOT

17 Rubber in the kitchen? BRILLOPAD

19 European river: RHONE

20 Overly suave: OILY

21 Driver's warning: FORE

22 Rocker since the '60s, familiarly: STONE

23 Smidge: TAD

24 Major seen annually in Paris: FRENCHOPEN

26 Pedi places: SPAS

29 "Atlas Shrugged" author Rand: AYN

30 Will of "Blue Bloods": ESTES

32 They may be fine: ARTS

35 Remained on the shelf: SAT

38 "C'est la vie": THATSTHEWAYITIS

42 Country E of Cyprus: SYR

43 Edward G.'s "Little Caesar" role: RICO

44 Light on one's feet: AGILE

45 "Breaking Bad" org.: DEA

47 Islamic official: IMAM

48 Ones skilled at making deductions: TAXEXPERTS

54 Hagen of Broadway: UTA

57 Some nerve? OPTIC

58 Fixer's need: TOOL

59 Not good, as a chance: SLIM

60 Asking __: PRICE

61 White House nickname: HONESTABE

63 Criticizes to excess, with "on": PILES

64 Supplement, with "out": EKE

65 Interrupt ... and a hint to each set of puzzle circles: CUTIN

66 Iditarod vehicles: SLEDS

67 Trip taker's vehicle: LSD

68 Brainstorming output: IDEAS


1 Northwest Passage seeker: CABOT

2 Sunlit courts: ATRIA

3 Temple, for one: CHILDSTAR

4 Sanctified: HOLY

5 Immigrant's subj.: ESL

6 Jet trail: VAPOR

7 Midway alternative: OHARE

8 Freight-filled, say: LADEN

9 Like the Okefenokee: MARSHY

10 He played Steve in "Jobs": ASHTON

11 Reporter's coup: SCOOP

12 Metric unit: TONNE

13 Rembrandt contemporary: STEEN

18 Plural word attached to rip or send: OFFS

25 Durango digs: CASA

27 Adoptee, maybe: PET

28 Pack animal: ASS

30 UFO operators: ETS

31 Like one sitting alone at the dance, probably: SHY

32 Sashimi selection: AHI

33 VCR button: REC

34 Bill featuring Jefferson: TWO

35 Jump-start: STIMULATE

36 Come down with something: AIL

37 "Four Quartets" monogram: TSE

39 Corner: TRAP

40 Orange edible: YAM

41 Supermarket franchise initials: IGA

45 Cleared, in a way, as plane wings: DEICED

46 More than needed: EXCESS

47 Chain link? ISLE

48 Trading cards giant: TOPPS

49 Arbor Day month: APRIL

50 Scrabble 8-pointer: XTILE

51 Lucy's landlord, in old TV: ETHEL

52 Pieces that castle: ROOKS

53 High-__: pretentious: TONED

55 Knee-to-ankle bone: TIBIA

56 Agreeing chorus: AMENS

59 Poker choice: STUD

62 It may be natural: Abbr.: SCI

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