LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 April 2017

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Los Angeles Times 20 April 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 April 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Prepare for a car trip: GASUP

6 Sack: BAG

9 Swedish autos: SAABS

14 Nearly half of New England: MAINE

15 In the fashion of: ALA

16 St. __ Fire: ELMOS


20 Orlando-to-Miami dir.: SSE

21 Hosp. staffer: LPN

22 Ebbs: ABATES

23 Ready: SET

24 Corrida cry: OLE


32 Island near Java: BALI

34 1945 conference city: YALTA

35 Snitch: RAT

36 Leche, across the Pyrenees: LAIT

37 "The Fall" novelist: CAMUS

38 Italian beach resort: LIDO

39 Chicago destination, on airline tickets: ORD

40 Higgs particle: BOSON

41 Object of devotion: ICON

42 Break down: WEEPINANGUISH

46 Balderdash: ROT

47 Angel dust, initially: PCP

48 Round drill: TREPAN

51 Purpose: USE

52 Clothing dept. letters: SML


58 It may cause a financial crisis: PANIC

59 Coral __: SEA

60 Fast Bolt: USAIN

61 Long range: ANDES

62 Half a score: TEN

63 Ltr. holder: POBOX


1 Acadia and Terrain: GMCS

2 Remote inserts: AAAS

3 Location: SITE

4 Article in Arles: UNE

5 Pirate stereotype: PEGLEG

6 Amish project: BARN

7 Louisville slugger? ALI

8 Mediterranean strip: GAZA

9 Missouri State Fair city: SEDALIA

10 2009 Verizon acquisition: ALLTEL

11 Lyon gal pal: AMIE

12 Company leader: BOSS

13 Erstwhile flier: SST

18 __-Free: contact lens solution brand: OPTI

19 WWII torpedo launchers: EBOATS

23 Foul mood: SNIT

25 Neglect to say: ELIDE

26 Tanzanian border lake: NYASA

27 Irish statesman de Valera: EAMON

28 Heaved: FLUNG

29 "Vega$" actor Robert: URICH

30 Rolex competitor: RADO

31 007's alma mater: ETON

32 Lose a big lead in: BLOW

33 Bern's river: AARE

37 Cold + Flu maker: CONTAC

38 Speech therapy subject: LISP

40 "Ali" and "Milk," e.g.: BIOPICS

43 Early arrival: PREMIE

44 Daisy preceder: UPSY

45 Got slick after sleet: ICEDUP

48 "More __ a Feeling": Boston hit: THAN

49 Tear: REND

50 Tweed lampooner: NAST

51 __ Bator: ULAN

52 Wound protection: SCAB

53 Spring month in Porto: MAIO

54 Forest feline: LYNX

55 Tax pro: CPA

56 Loser to Meade at Gettysburg: LEE

57 That, in Barcelona: ESO

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