LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 20 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 20 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 20 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Minuet-like dances: SARABANDS

10 Deaden, as a musical string: DAMP

14 Bon Jovi genre: ARENAROCK

15 Bathymetry tool: SONAR

16 Bamboozled: LEDASTRAY

17 Memorable Ford: HENRY

18 Toon that debuted in "Devil May Hare," briefly: TAZ

19 The Cyclones of the Big 12: Abbr.: ISU

20 Not ignorant of: WISETO

21 Make smooth, perhaps: ERODE

23 Sentry's no-no: SLEEP

26 Sass: LIP

27 Coastal feature: DUNE

28 Eighth of 24: THETA

29 Cosecant's reciprocal: SINE

30 One of its ads involves Marco Polo playing Marco Polo: GEICO

32 Prepared to leave the casino: CASHEDIN


36 Brand endorsed at WRANGLER

39 City that gives its name to a dog breed: LHASA

42 Dutch portraitist Frans: HALS

43 Bangalore wraps: SARIS

45 Don Everly's brother: PHIL

47 Athena's attendant: OWL

48 "I don't give a darn what they do!": LETEM

49 Facebook action: SHARE

50 Defensive denial: IDONOT

52 One way to stand: PAT

54 Intelligence org. formed under Truman: NSA

55 Backs up: SAVES

56 Converted, in a way: BORNAGAIN

59 Express line sign word: ITEMS

60 Lake Superior mining region: IRONRANGE

61 Root for a luau: TARO

62 Reunion entertainment group, maybe: COVERBAND


1 Cured, in a way: SALTED

2 Decorator's accent, perhaps: AREARUG

3 Area 20 yards or less from the opponent's goal line, in football: REDZONE

4 Japanese carrier: ANA

5 Count on a piano: BASIE

6 Language __: ARTS

7 "It's not critical": NORUSH

8 Reagan Airport, on tickets: DCA

9 Unlimited limit? SKY

10 Forest females: DOES

11 Ringed worm: ANNELID

12 "The elixir of quietude": E.B. White: MARTINI

13 Use a crowbar on: PRYOPEN

15 Send in a carton: SHIP

20 Cunning types: WEASELS

22 Condescends: DEIGNS

24 Spy novel pen name: LECARRE

25 Nouveau-Mexique, par exemple: ETAT

28 Craftsman offering: TOOLSET

29 Six-winged being, in Isaiah: SERAPH

31 __ railway: COG

33 "Yeah, right!": HAH

35 Pinlike? NEAT

36 Response to a knock: WHOISIT

37 Lab notebook entries: RAWDATA

38 Scattered: ALLOVER

40 Doo-woppers with an eponymous '70s-'80s TV variety show: SHANANA

41 Aquarius, for one: AIRSIGN

44 Unpredictable comedy style: IMPROV

46 Listed at sea: LEANED

48 Red number: LOSS

49 Whitewater VIP: STARR

51 Verne captain: NEMO

53 Keller companion Sullivan: ANNE

56 Lighter name: BIC

57 Yield from una mina: ORO

58 Chew the fat: GAB

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