LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 20 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 20 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 20 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Unisex dos: SHAGS

6 It beats rock, in a game: PAPER

11 "Quiet, please!": SHH

14 Bat mitzvah reading: TORAH

15 Photographer's concern: ANGLE

16 Concert souvenir: TEE

17 Routinely approve: RUBBERSTAMP

19 Chicken-king connection: ALA

20 Recently: ASOFLATE

21 On the trail of: AFTER

23 "Now, where __ we?": WERE

24 Betty White's "The Golden Girls" role: ROSENYLUND

27 Crystal ball gazer: SEER

29 Isn't elected: LOSES

30 Nick of "Warrior" (2011): NOLTE

33 Hold a session: SIT

34 Shade of blue: AQUA

37 Dude: BRO

38 Assures, as an interest rate: LOCKSIN

42 Coffee server: URN

43 2017 Best Animated Feature Oscar winner: COCO

45 Timid: SHY

46 Raw meat concern: ECOLI

48 Came up: AROSE

50 Augur: BODE

52 .eps or .txt, e.g.: FILEFORMAT

55 Turkish coin: LIRA

59 __ God: tornado, e.g.: ACTOF

60 Respected: ESTEEMED

62 T'ai __: CHI

63 Butchers' stock literally found in this puzzle's circles: SIDESOFBEEF

66 Woolen cap: TAM

67 Wipe out: ERASE

68 Buy and sell stock: TRADE

69 Canonized Mlle.: STE

70 Worldview view: TENET

71 Have a sneaking suspicion: SENSE


1 Scarecrow stuff: STRAW

2 Word with party or guest: HOUSE

3 Leafy recess: ARBOR

4 Gossipy gathering: GABFEST

5 "A Boy Named Sue" writer Silverstein: SHEL

6 Right one for the rite job? PASTOR

7 Chips in a pot: ANTES

8 Golf tour letters: PGA

9 National Mall tree: ELM

10 Makes good on: REPAYS

11 The way things are: STATUSQUO

12 Mirren of "Trumbo" (2015): HELEN

13 Caught wind (of): HEARD

18 Like valuable coins: RARE

22 __ market: FLEA

25 Fans of college sports' Bulldogs: ELIS

26 "Moi?": NOTI

28 Slim fish often smoked: EEL

30 "This Is Us" network: NBC

31 Ol’mpicos goal: ORO

32 Announcement before landing: LOCALTIME

33 Feature of many seascapes: SKY

35 Surfer's link: URL

36 Singer DiFranco: ANI

39 __ buco: veal dish: OSSO

40 "Mermaids" co-star: CHER

41 Mustachioed guy on "The Simpsons": NED

44 Longtime Hydrox rival: OREO

47 Cause __: megastar: CELEBRE

49 Counteract: OFFSET

50 Short-legged hound: BASSET

51 Director Preminger: OTTO

52 They're hard to argue with: FACTS

53 Former Apple messaging app: ICHAT

54 Reagan attorney general Ed: MEESE

56 "That is ... ": IMEAN

57 Wetlands growths: REEDS

58 Website revenue: ADFEE

61 Young newts: EFTS

64 Outrage: IRE

65 Sports radio host Patrick: DAN

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