LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 August 2020

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Los Angeles Times 20 August 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 August 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Mexican bar tender: PESO

5 Final notice? OBIT

9 Queen Amidala's home planet: NABOO

14 Petri dish gelatin: AGAR

15 Small parasite: MITE

16 Enmity: ODIUM

17 Run-of-the-mill deity? COMMONGOD

19 Many converted apartments: LOFTS

20 Muse of comedy: THALIA

21 Billionaire financier George: SOROS

22 Tedious routine: GRIND

23 Officer who helps keep public statues clean? PIGEONCOP

27 Feel poorly: AIL

28 Sprain application: ICEPACK

30 Taking after: ALA

31 1984 mermaid romcom: SPLASH

33 Reggie Jackson's alma mater, briefly: ASU

34 Auto pioneer: OLDS

35 Junior faculty member? CHILDPROF

38 Tummy trouble: ACHE

41 Gear with a bill: CAP

42 Got around: EVADED

46 Head of Britain? LOO

47 Cohort: COMRADE

49 Santana's "__ Como Va": OYE

50 One who campaigns on traffic congestion issues? BUMPERPOL

52 Party hearty: REVEL

54 Sussex set: TELLY

55 Fraternal meeting places: LODGES

57 Hearing-related: AURAL

58 Mechanical bull rider? COWBOYBOT

61 "24K Magic" singer Mars: BRUNO

62 Double Delight cookie: OREO

63 Peel: PARE

64 Small change: CENTS

65 Coiffure site: TETE

66 Genealogy chart: TREE


1 Lobbying gp.: PAC

2 Voyage taken alone? EGOTRIP

3 Quaint euphemism for "hell": SAMHILL

4 "The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom" author: ORMAN

5 Luxury hotel chain: OMNI

6 Galoot: BIGAPE

7 Olympic skater Midori: ITO

8 British poet Hughes who was married to Sylvia Plath: TED

9 Like some basketball passes: NOLOOK

10 Festoon: ADORN

11 Two-part lens: BIFOCAL

12 Peddled faster than: OUTSOLD

13 Meditation sounds: OMS

18 Somewhat passé: OLDISH

21 Tied down: SECURED

22 Beetle juice? GAS

24 High-end tablet: IPADPRO

25 [She actually said that?!]: GASP

26 Faux __: PAS

29 Coffee-flavoring root: CHICORY

32 Top player: ACE

34 Birds-feather connection: OFA

36 Tanning device: LAMP

37 Engage in to excess: OVERDO

38 Priestly garb: ALB

39 Fashionista's field: COUTURE

40 It may be inside the park: HOMERUN

43 Chocolate-coated ice cream treat: DOVEBAR

44 Urban renewal target: EYESORE

45 Part of a PC reboot sequence: DEL

47 Cumbersome instruments: CELLOS

48 Utterly wrong: ALLWET

51 Undercover agent: PLANT

53 "Death on the Nile" setting: EGYPT

56 Easy-to-carry instrument: OBOE

57 "The Good Doctor" network: ABC

58 Camp bed: COT

59 Resource in The Settlers of Catan board game: ORE

60 Spot to drive from: TEE

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