LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 20 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hosp. administration: CPR

4 Show of affection, in Acapulco: BESO

8 Chuck and others: CUTS

12 Word that agrees with you: ARE

13 "The Road to Wealth" author: ORMAN

14 Fireplace collection: ASHES

16 Cabbage, e.g.: VEGETABLE

18 Get the point: SCORE

19 Move like a startled chipmunk: SKITTER

20 Extent: DEGREE

21 Expression of recognition: OHO

22 Maker of Tundra coolers: YETI

25 "Is there more?": AND

26 Grounded: SANE

28 Engage in some risky evasion: DODGETAXES

31 Not seen a lot: SCARCE

33 Tiny arachnids: MITES

34 Free: RELEASE

36 Bad way to swear: FALSELY

40 Film director Kurosawa: AKIRA

42 Reacted to a blow: REELED

43 All-out effort some might call old: COLLEGETRY

47 1969 MLB upstarts: METS

48 Big swinger: APE

49 Silents star Naldi: NITA

50 Original "Peaky Blinders" airer: BBC

51 Condition: STATUS

54 Protected space: SHELTER

58 Longtime photo lab supplier: KODAK

59 "Enough of the pity party!" ... and what appears four times in this puzzle? GETOVERIT

61 "I was wrong. So what": SUEME

62 Slovenia neighbor: ITALY

63 Valuable deposit: ORE

64 Very French? TRES

65 Sometimes least, sometimes not: LAST

66 Super __: NES


1 Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse NBAers: CAVS

2 Level for 4-yr-olds: PREK

3 Local tournament: REGIONAL

4 Highland hillside: BRAE

5 Early life stage: EMBRYO

6 Cantina condiment: SAL

7 Eight bits bill: ONE

8 Good argument: CASE

9 Mil. branch: USCG

10 Chest: THORAX

11 Chill: SERENE

13 Enzo's eight: OTTO

15 Bed starters: SEEDS

17 Otherworldly: ETHEREAL

20 Like many supplements: DIETARY

23 Gretzky's original NHL team: EDM

24 Weary worker's sigh: TGIF

26 Lith., once: SSR

27 It has a big heart: ACE

28 Self-serving intent: DESIGNS

29 Distant prefix: TELE

30 Gather: ASSEMBLE

32 Candle holder: CAKE

35 "I'll speak a prophecy __ go": "King Lear": EREI

37 Basic particle: ELECTRON

38 Word with fly or go: LET

39 NFL stats: YDS

41 ABA member: ATT

43 Wine holders: CASKS

44 Skip it: OPTOUT

45 Chief: LEADER

46 Dreadlocks wearers: RASTAS

50 Quail gathering: BEVY

52 Not threatening: TAME

53 Luau strings: UKES

55 Gothic romance novelist Victoria: HOLT

56 Word on Irish stamps: EIRE

57 GPS recommendations: RTES

59 Jazz pianist Evans: GIL

60 Due-in hr.: ETA

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