LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 20 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 20 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 20 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Prepare for a bodybuilding competition: OILUP

6 Online discussion venue: FORUM

11 Freon or neon: GAS

14 Capital of Bangladesh: DHAKA

15 Maureen known as Hollywood's "Queen of Technicolor": OHARA

16 LP's 33 1/3: RPM

17 Began without hesitation: DOVERIGHTIN

19 Copy: APE

20 Place for a massage: SPA

21 Texas A&M athlete: AGGIE

22 Disney's Little Mermaid: ARIEL

24 Take from the top: REDO

26 Without a musical key: ATONAL

27 Was heedless behind the wheel: DROVERECKLESSLY

32 Seal-hunting swimmers: ORCAS

33 Actor Ving of "Pulp Fiction": RHAMES

34 Scolding sound: TSK

35 Showers or drizzles: RAINS

36 Small amount: DAB

39 Irish playwright Sean: OCASEY

41 Low card: DEUCE

43 Mentioned earlier: ABOVEREFERENCED

47 Unruffled: SERENE

48 Run __: go wild: AMOK

49 Careful types take them: PAINS

50 Bring about: CAUSE

53 Showy accessory: BOA

56 Previous to, to Dickinson: ERE

57 Unseemly disclosure of personal details ... as seen in 17-, 27- and 43-Across? OVERSHARING

60 Inmate: CON

61 Amusement park thrills: RIDES

62 Nick of "Cape Fear": NOLTE

63 Explosive letters: TNT

64 Makeup mishap: SMEAR

65 Recital pieces: SOLOS


1 Gambler's concern: ODDS

2 "Eat up every moment" breakfast chain: IHOP

3 Geological Hawaiian souvenir: LAVAROCK

4 Musical Hawaiian souvenir: UKE

5 Mardi Gras events: PARADES

6 "Around the World ... " hero Phileas: FOGG

7 "Well, howdy": OHHI

8 Mortgage figure: RATE

9 Sch. with a Providence campus: URI

10 Sea cow: MANATEE

11 Bits of sand: GRAINS

12 Losing lawyer's recourse: APPEAL

13 Like Limburger cheese: SMELLY

18 Composer Stravinsky: IGOR

23 Flag maker Betsy: ROSS

25 A Gabor sister: EVA

26 Gift for the poor: ALMS

27 Web address part: DOT

28 Cos. with Xings: RRS

29 Wipe out: ERASE

30 Tribal leader: CHIEF

31 Rapper West: KANYE

35 Prized by collectors: RARE

36 Platypus feature: DUCKBILL

37 Card that may be high or low: ACE

38 Place to retire: BED

39 Baking spot: OVEN

40 Keeps from being blue? CENSORS

41 Humbles: DEMEANS

42 Brian of ambient music: ENO

43 Characteristic: ASPECT

44 Affect: BEARON

45 Prepare, as new students: ORIENT

46 Like too-quick decisions: RASH

50 Surrender: CEDE

51 Neighborhood: AREA

52 KGB country: USSR

54 Clued in about: ONTO

55 Grows older: AGES

58 Vigor's partner: VIM

59 Outback hopper, for short: ROO

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