LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 December 2018

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Los Angeles Times 20 December 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 December 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Goes out: EBBS

5 Car ad fig.: MSRP

9 Poppy extract: OPIUM

14 Stretched to the max: TAUT

15 Cambodian cash: RIEL

16 Italian grandma: NONNA

17 West Coast gas acronym: ARCO

18 Violation of trust: INFIDELITY

20 Kipling's Rikki-__-Tavi: TIKKI

22 __ Dane: GREAT

23 Familia member: TIA

24 Really get to: NETTLE

26 Beeps and peeps: NOISES

28 Fluffy neckwear: BOA

30 Acts charitably: DOESGOOD

32 Ararat lander: ARK

33 "__ be married, / My grave is like to be my wedding bed": Juliet: IFHE

34 Potentially offensive, briefly: NOTPC

38 Bumbling one: BEE

39 MDX ÷ X: CLI

40 Unlock, in verse: OPE

42 Bit of soccer support: OLE

43 Feature of some Gene Autry songs: YODEL

45 Pasternak heroine: LARA

47 "An everyday spud is a commentator," e.g.: PUN

48 Super Soaker, e.g.: WATERGUN

51 It starts in Mar.: DST

52 Distressed damsel's cry: SAVEME

55 Do business with: SELLTO

57 Takeout menu general: TSO

58 Moisten: BEDEW

60 Tops off: FILLS

63 Too high for people to catch? ULTRASONIC

66 Meh: BLAH

67 Jacobi of "Murder on the Orient Express" (2017): DEREK

68 UNC Chapel __: HILL

69 Shakespearean schemer: IAGO

70 Nobel, for one: SWEDE

71 Rights org.: ACLU

72 1990s-2010s slugging nickname: AROD


1 Californie or Floride: ETAT

2 Italian port: BARI

3 Uncovered, in a way: BUCKNAKED

4 Stir up: STOKE

5 Hosp. test: MRI

6 Grade-school formation: SINGLEFILE

7 Browser button with a curved arrow icon: REFRESH

8 Move in a tutu: PLIE

9 Personal, as a talk: ONETOONE

10 Party pro: POL

11 Monogram ltrs.: INITS

12 Loosen, as laces: UNTIE

13 Uxmal inhabitants: MAYAS

19 Five-O nickname: DANO

21 "__ be an honor!": ITD

25 Work up a sweat: TOIL

27 Altar words: IDO

28 Treat with supreme care: BABY

29 McFlurry flavor: OREO

31 Political commentator who wrote "Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball": GEORGEWILL

35 Highest price, and what five Down answers have: TOPDOLLAR

36 +: PLUS

37 Lowest price: CENT

39 Beach cookout: CLAMBAKE

41 Songwriter with John: PAUL

44 Girl in a pasture: EWE

46 Poison in some whodunits: ARSENIC

49 Tight ends? TEES

50 Viet Cong org.: NLF

52 Small earrings: STUDS

53 Heaps: ASLEW

54 "À __ santé!": VOTRE

56 Calf neighbor: TIBIA

59 Persian Gulf capital: DOHA

61 Mar-a-__: Florida estate: LAGO

62 Flip-flopped? SHOD

64 Rosy: RED

65 Gulager of "The Virginian": CLU

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