LA Times Crossword answers Monday 20 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 20 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 20 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Get ready, as for surgery: PREP

5 Dada lover? MAMA

9 Breathe like a hot dog: PANT

13 Trevi Fountain city: ROME

14 "Yeah, right!": ASIF

15 Stomach woe: ULCER

16 "In memoriam" bio: OBIT

17 Shout: YELL

18 Caulking need: PUTTY

19 Dome-shaped frozen areas at the two ends of the Earth: POLARICECAPS

22 Distinctive manner of writing, say: STYLE

23 Sit-__: protests: INS

24 Bro's sibling: SIS

27 One in charge of a depot: STATIONAGENT

32 Throw in: ADD

35 Zip, in soccer: NIL

36 Slow musical movement: LENTO

37 Cognac, cr�me de cacao and cream cocktail: BRANDYALEXANDER

42 Swahili's language group: BANTU

43 1950s prez: IKE

44 On the __: sneakily: SLY

45 Over an extended period: INTHELONGRUN

50 Scratch (out), as a living: EKE

51 Smidgen: TAD

52 Harbor cities: PORTS

56 Junior high ... and what each set of circles is? MIDDLESCHOOL

60 "__ Secretary": TŽa Leoni title role: MADAM

63 Ultra-modest skirt: MAXI

64 Microsoft browser: EDGE

65 Banishment: EXILE

66 Enthusiastic: AVID

67 Big jump: LEAP

68 Came's opposite: WENT

69 Basketball Hall of Famer Archibald or Thurmond: NATE

70 Share on Facebook, say: POST


1 Yorick's skull in "Hamlet" and the dagger in "Macbeth," e.g.: PROPS

2 Automaton: ROBOT

3 Poet Dickinson: EMILY

4 Rose features: PETALS

5 Polite request: MAYI

6 "Just __ ... ": ASEC

7 1,760 yards: MILE

8 Merged union: Abbr.: AFLCIO

9 In addition to: PLUS

10 Assume a role: ACT

11 Bottom line: NET

12 Give it a go: TRY

15 Swedish university city: UPPSALA

20 Like a prof. emeritus: RET

21 Columnist Landers: ANN

24 Transmits: SENDS

25 Major chip maker: INTEL

26 Kid's bedtime request: STORY

28 "... have you __ wool?": ANY

29 Andalusian aunt: TIA

30 Messin' around, in rap slang: ILLIN

31 With 41-Down, boomer's kid: GEN

32 "Steal This Book" author Hoffman: ABBIE

33 Had a beer, say: DRANK

34 "Divine Comedy" poet: DANTE

38 Utmost degree: NTH

39 Eventually and aptly, after "in": DUETIME

40 Heart test: Abbr.: EKG

41 See 31-Down: XER

46 Young fellow: LAD

47 Extra guy who's "out": ODDMAN

48 Scanned bars: Abbr.: UPC

49 Of little value: NOHELP

53 Wyoming's state sport: RODEO

54 Roman wraps: TOGAS

55 Took a nap: SLEPT

56 Brewer's need: MALT

57 Etna output: LAVA

58 Leave the room: EXIT

59 One of a cube's six: SIDE

60 Kitty's sound: MEW

61 Lumberjack tool: AXE

62 Terrible racket: DIN

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