LA Times Crossword answers Monday 20 February 2017

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Los Angeles Times 20 February 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 20 February 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Soothsayer: SEER

5 Quick fix for an elbow hole: PATCH

10 Underwater vessel: SUB

13 Cuba libre fruit: LIME

14 Lorena of LPGA fame: OCHOA

15 Phony: FAKE

16 Votes in favor: YEAS

17 "My mistake": SORRY

18 Rice field draft animals: OXEN

19 Panama Canal nickname: EIGHTHWONDER

22 Robotic maid on "The Jetsons": ROSIE

23 Inherently: BYNATURE

27 Where to find Lima and llamas: PERU

30 Like farm country: RURAL

31 Thanksgiving tuber: YAM

34 When baseball closers usually shine: NINTHINNING

38 They're often big in showbiz: EGOS

40 Sparkle: GLEAM

41 "I'm hungry enough to __ horse!": EATA

42 NYC thoroughfare that becomes Amsterdam at 59th Street: TENTHAVENUE

45 Vert. counterpart: HOR

46 Gandhi's land: INDIA

47 Garbage email: SPAM

49 "Get moving!": STEPITUP

53 Wash or spin: CYCLE

57 When time is running out: ELEVENTHHOUR

60 Computer image: ICON

63 TV signal part: AUDIO

64 "Giant" author Ferber: EDNA

65 Four-sided campus area: QUAD

66 Extended families: CLANS

67 Cincinnati ballplayers: REDS

68 Tennis match segment: SET

69 Saintly rings: HALOS

70 "Garfield" pooch: ODIE


1 Not as forthright: SLYER

2 "Old MacDonald" letters: EIEIO

3 Webzines: EMAGS

4 Mail again, as a package: RESHIP

5 Fancy-schmancy: POSH

6 Have __: freak out: ACOW

7 Pulsate: THROB

8 Like grandpa's jokes, probably: CORNY

9 Contemporary of Mozart: HAYDN

10 Jazz combo horn: SAX

11 Don Ho's instrument: UKE

12 "Gone Girl" co-star Affleck: BEN

15 Mint of money: FORTUNE

20 High school junior, usually: TEEN

21 Merit: EARN

24 Dickens villain Heep: URIAH

25 Totaled, as a bill: RANTO

26 "Pomp and Circumstance" composer: ELGAR

28 Capital of Latvia: RIGA

29 Sch. near the Strip: UNLV

31 "Abominable" critters: YETIS

32 Insurance rep: AGENT

33 Paris newspaper Le __: MONDE

35 Golfer's starting point: TEE

36 __ Christian Andersen: HANS

37 "Still sleeping?" response: IMUP

39 Regular payment: STIPEND

43 Precipitation stones: HAIL

44 A pop: EACH

48 Rescued damsel's cry: MYHERO

50 Enlighten: TEACH

51 Throat dangler: UVULA

52 Bicycle feature: PEDAL

54 Encrypted: CODED

55 Monday, in Le Mans: LUNDI

56 Use the delete key, e.g.: ERASE

58 El __: weather phenomenon: NINO

59 Throw away: TOSS

60 Mensa nos.: IQS

61 Billiards stick: CUE

62 Breakfast grain: OAT

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