LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 20 February 2018

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Los Angeles Times 20 February 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 20 February 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Hebrew scholar: RABBI

6 Borden spokescow: ELSIE

11 With 25-Across, "Scream" director: WES

14 Watery expanse: OCEAN

15 Double-check, as totals: READD

16 Shakespearean prince or Broadway producer Prince: HAL

17 *"Never!": WHENPIGSFLY

19 Incoming flight info: ETA

20 Flower parts: SEPALS

21 Visit: SEE

22 Fedora feature: BRIM

23 Valley with wine cellars and sellers: NAPA

25 See 11-Across: CRAVEN

27 Rock gently: SWAY

29 "Is this a good move for me?": SHOULDI

31 Folk singer Phil: OCHS

32 Steeped beverage: TEA

33 Become a pro at: MASTER

36 After "no," "Not possible!": WAY

37 *"Not another problem!": WHATNOW

39 State: SAY

40 Appetizer follower: ENTREE

42 That woman: HER

43 Tortoise racer: HARE

44 Carpenter's cordless cutter: HANDSAW

46 Temper tantrums: FITS

47 Tank type: SEPTIC

48 Mix: STIR

50 Jelly holders: JARS

51 Turf roll: SOD

53 Olympic segments: EVENTS

57 Outback bird: EMU

58 *"I don't need a second opinion!": WHOASKEDYOU

60 Sit-up targets: ABS

61 Sporty Chevy: VETTE

62 Angler's danglers: WORMS

63 "Nope": NAH

64 Portfolio part: ASSET

65 Snooty sorts: SNOBS


1 Lettered theater locations: ROWS

2 Post-workout soreness: ACHE

3 Warning toot: BEEP

4 Fruit that grows in bunches: BANANAS

5 Like catchable foul balls: INPLAY

6 Physicist's work unit: ERG

7 Not so pricey: LESS

8 Seattle's __ Field: SAFECO

9 Unsubstantiated bit of gossip: IDLERUMOR

10 Ice cream maker Joseph: EDY

11 *"Happenin' scene, man!": WHEREITSAT

12 Enjoy home cooking: EATIN

13 Shut angrily: SLAM

18 Web access co.: ISP

22 Brief briefs? BVDS

24 On the water: ASEA

26 "There oughta be __!": ALAW

27 Read quickly: SCAN

28 *"Cool your heels!": WHYTHERUSH

30 Yoga system: HATHA

31 Be in debt: OWE

32 Things to "do" after you 12-Down: THEDISHES

34 Glasses holders: EARS

35 Pumpernickel grain: RYE

37 Took one's turn: WENT

38 Latest buzz: NEWS

41 Knocks quickly: RAPS

43 Joined the staff: HIREDON

45 Skedaddles: SCOOTS

46 Journalism's traditional set of questions, obliquely addressed by the answers to starred clues: FIVEWS

47 Brazilian dance: SAMBA

49 "__War": Shatner novel: TEK

50 Novelist Auel: JEAN

52 Time stamp component: DATE

54 "Stoned Soul Picnic" songwriter Laura: NYRO

55 Archaeological site: TOMB

56 Figure (out): SUSS

58 Harpers Ferry st.: WVA

59 Jazz gig unit: SET

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