LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 20 February 2019

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Los Angeles Times 20 February 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 20 February 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gaping mouths: MAWS

5 "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" composer: DUKAS

10 States in an outdated atlas: Abbr.: SSRS

14 Nobelist Wiesel: ELIE

15 Official mandate: EDICT

16 Analogous (to): AKIN

17 One way to ride a horse: SIDESADDLE

19 Stereotypical pooch: FIDO

20 D.C.'s Pennsylvania, e.g.: AVE

21 Named, briefly: IDED

22 Shop talk: LINGO

23 One in a hundred? SENATOR

25 Cafeteria worker's cover: HAIRNET

27 Affleck of "Gone Girl": BEN

28 "Downton __": PBS show: ABBEY

29 Dramatic opening? ACTI

32 Many an emailer: AOLER

34 '50s political monogram: DDE

37 Typical MLB pitching alignment, and a hint to this puzzle's circles: FIVEMANROTATION

41 Train stopping at every sta.: LOC

42 They turn litmus paper red: ACIDS

43 Does impressions of: APES

44 Grazing groups: HERDS

46 "Gimme a __": SEC

48 Large goblet: CHALICE

50 "Haven't the foggiest": BEATSME

54 Bamboo lover: PANDA

55 Alternative to fries: TOTS

56 Korean automaker: KIA

57 Script fraction: LINE

58 Military expert, say: STRATEGIST

61 Sun Devils' rival: UTES

62 Canadian fliers: GEESE

63 Language of Pakistan: URDU

64 Riverbank residue: SILT

65 Govt.-backed bond: TNOTE

66 "Freeze!": STOP


1 Small plateaus: MESAS

2 Still in contention: ALIVE

3 Alleviate traffic on, perhaps: WIDEN

4 "Told you": SEE

5 Exactly right: DEADON

6 Milk source: UDDER

7 10-time NBA All-Star Jason: KIDD

8 Commonly injured knee part, briefly: ACL

9 Sault __ Marie: STE

10 "On Language" columnist: SAFIRE

11 Barely enjoy the pool? SKINNYDIP

12 First Homeland Security secretary: RIDGE

13 Condescending one: SNOOT

18 Place: SITE

22 First sign of fall: LIBRA

24 Rose's Broadway beau: ABIE

25 Saintly glows: HALOS

26 Drive the getaway car, say: ABET

29 Partner of 30-Down: AFL

30 Partner of 29-Down: CIO

31 Remote choice: TVCHANNEL

32 Ouzo flavoring: ANISE

33 MDW : Midway :: __ : O'Hare: ORD

35 Anonymous Jane: DOE

36 Peyton Manning's four? ENS

38 Educator Montessori: MARIA

39 Adapter letters: ACDC

40 Delicate handling: TACT

45 Firstborn: ELDEST

46 Parlor piece: SETTEE

47 Let up: EASE

48 Just above average: CPLUS

49 One side of Hispaniola: HAITI

50 Talk oneself up: BOAST

51 School uniform part, perhaps: SKIRT

52 Foul up: MISDO

53 Thoroughly enjoy: EATUP

55 Early smartphone: TREO

58 Rank above cpl.: SGT

59 Coffee break time: TEN

60 Mercury astronaut Grissom: GUS

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