LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 20 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 20 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 20 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 With 21-Across, marching band instrument: BASS

5 Feline weapons: CLAWS

10 Vineyard measure: ACRE

14 Valuable find: TROVE

19 James who co-wrote and sang "I'd Rather Go Blind": ETTA

20 Monsieur __: classic Jacques Tati role: HULOT

21 See 1-Across: DRUM

22 Had one's fingers crossed: HOPED

23 M.D. on "Wheel of Fortune"? SPINDOCTOR

25 Fast-working "Downton Abbey" woman? MINUTEMAID

27 Indian menu word: TANDOORI

28 "... a grin without a cat!" thinker: ALICE

30 How aspirin is taken: ORALLY

31 Restful state: REPOSE

32 Promising moment, as of wit: SPARK

33 Till stack: ONES

34 Madness: IRE

35 Coward's lack, figuratively: SPINE

36 Aparicio in Cooperstown: LUIS

37 Dress (up): TOG

40 Float like smoke rings: WAFT

43 Painter in prison? CONARTIST

45 Crime novelist Paretsky: SARA

46 Crop up: ARISE

48 "Nixon in China" role: MAO

49 Mutual influence: INTERPLAY

51 Speak like a rug? LIE

52 Ideal for farming: ARABLE

55 Quilting events: BEES

56 Hurricane of 2011: IRENE

57 The Who co-founder: DALTREY

59 Prepare for a race: TRAIN

61 Hot rod? SPIT

62 Shoppe preceder: OLDE

63 CIA operative in the Arctic? NORTHERNSPY

67 Dry run: TEST

70 Happy cap tosser: GRAD

72 Delete: ERASE

73 "And Still I Rise" poet: ANGELOU

75 Unacceptable, as punishment: CRUEL

77 Caramel-topped dessert: FLAN

78 Exodus obstacle: REDSEA

81 Chem class part: LAB

82 Partied hearty: ROISTERED

84 Site for used cars: LOT

85 Short-vowel mark: BREVE

87 "The West Wing" Emmy winner, 2006: ALDA

88 One rating singles bar come-ons? LINEJUDGE

92 Smelter metals: ORES

93 __ hours: WEE

94 "Don't play" music notation: REST

95 Gazetteer stats: AREAS

96 Drink from a snifter: SIP

98 Wall map marker: TACK

99 Princeton mascot: TIGER

100 Cell feature: CAMERA

103 Trip up: ASCENT

106 Derby drink: JULEP

107 Hill hundred: SENATORS

109 Gofer at a ballpark? SPORTSPAGE

111 Displayer of truck-stop equipment? SCALEMODEL

113 Flirt with, say: TEASE

114 Sign of spoilage: ODOR

115 Marquesses' inferiors: EARLS

116 100-year-old chip brand: WISE

117 Ran standing still: IDLED

118 Digs for pigs: PENS

119 Surprise ending: TWIST

120 Put one over on: SNOW


1 Awards adjective: BEST

2 For face value: ATPAR

3 "Fear Street" series author: STINE

4 Kids' play places, across the pond: SANDPITS

5 Settle on: CHOOSE

6 Ill-gotten loot: LUCRE

7 Some choir members: ALTI

8 Try to win over: WOO

9 Secure for the trip: STRAPIN


11 Pain in the neck: CRICK

12 Mystical character: RUNE

13 Liberty's LiMu, for one: EMU

14 Beatles' "__ a Place": THERES

15 Oblong tomatoes: ROMAS

16 Birthstone after sapphire: OPAL

17 Bridal shop buy: VEIL

18 Hot tub feature: EDDY

24 One of a coupe's pair: DOOR

26 Time on a marquee: TONITE

29 Clark's teenage crush: LANA

32 Fishing line holder: SPOOL

33 Gives the heave-ho: OUSTS

35 Nature's bandage: SCAB

36 White sale purchases: LINENS

37 Bank worker with lots of stories? TALETELLER

38 City across the Mediterranean from Cartagena: ORAN

39 Marvin of Motown: GAYE

40 Guy hiding in a red-and-white striped shirt: WALDO

41 Sans-serif font: ARIAL

42 Farmland tour giver? FIELDGUIDE

44 Advertising gimmick: TIEIN

45 Elf: SPRITE

47 Melodic sense: EAR

48 Eponymous surgical family name: MAYO

50 Tear: RIP

53 Tear: REND

54 Hawke of "Sinister": ETHAN

55 Less carpeted: BARER

58 One of Barbie's best friends: TERESA

60 Hi-__ graphics: RES

61 Seasonal song word: SYNE

64 Back off: RELENT

65 Give this for that: TRADE

66 Historian's subject: PAST

68 Dry Italian wine: SOAVE

69 Straws, e.g.: TUBES

71 Cockpit gauge fig.: ALT

74 Be a chatterbox: GAB

75 Metaphorical sticking place: CRAW

76 Auditioner's goal: ROLE

77 Pat down: FRISK

79 English composer of the symphonic study "Falstaff": ELGAR

80 "That __ it!": DOES

83 Awards a seat to: ELECTS

86 Skiers' aids: ROPETOWS

89 Corrections staffers: JAILERS

90 Push for: URGE

91 Like Jennifer Aniston's eyes: DEEPSET

94 Typed in ALL CAPS, maybe: RANTED

96 Least wacky: SANEST

97 Mosque leader: IMAM

98 Not given to speeches: TERSE

99 Yank at: TUGON

100 Amoebae, e.g.: CELLS

101 "The Kiss" sculptor: RODIN

102 Recess rebuttal: ARESO

103 Piedmont wine region: ASTI

104 Hustled: SPED

105 Longtime Kentucky resource: COAL

106 Green hue: JADE

107 Bollywood attire: SARI

108 Whole lot: SLEW

110 Uncorking sound: POP

112 Rook's call: CAW

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