LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 January 2017

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Los Angeles Times 20 January 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 January 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Quick: RAPID

6 Zurich-based sports org.: FIFA

10 Dis: RIP

13 Metaphorical title word in a McCartney-Wonder hit: EBONY

14 Major composition: OPUS

15 Dr Pepper Museum city: WACO

16 Played hooky from the office? DUCKEDWORK

18 Journalist/author Larson: ERIK

19 Telegram period: STOP

20 Long in the tooth: OLD

21 Texas-Louisiana border river: SABINE

23 "Without further __ ... ": ADO

25 Taco toppings: FIXINGS

26 Was sorry to have set the alarm? RUEDAWAKENING

31 Random selection: ANY

32 Give a halfhearted effort: DOGIT

33 Gratified and then some: SATED

36 Pizzeria staples: PIES

38 Romantic dining spot: PATIO

40 Bush advisor: ROVE

41 You can skip it: STONE

43 Piaggio transport: VESPA

45 X or Y preceder: GEN

46 Made it through the Civil War? PASSEDHISTORY

49 Lunchbox container: THERMOS

51 "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" airer: NPR

52 Small creek: RUNLET

53 Meet at the poker table: SEE

55 Hound sound: YELP

59 Downwind: ALEE

60 Reached the 2016 Olympics the hard way? ROWEDTORIO

63 Joker, for one: CARD

64 Continental divide: URAL

65 "Buffy" spin-off: ANGEL

66 Superhero symbol: ESS

67 They're fixed shortly after being intentionally broken: EGGS

68 Crystalline stone: GEODE


1 Bench mates? REDS

2 Bump up against: ABUT

3 Little, to Luis: POCO

4 Rubber stamp partner: INKPAD

5 Highlight provider: DYE

6 Barnyard regular: FOWL

7 2001 Apple debut: IPOD

8 Lab coat: FUR

9 Welcomes warmly, as a visitor: ASKSIN

10 Ready in a big way: RARINGTOGO

11 Cupcake cover: ICING

12 Uses a fireplace tool: POKES

15 Online workshop: WEBINAR

17 The Platters' genre: DOOWOP

22 x or y follower: AXIS

24 Senior, to Junior: DAD

25 Amulet: FETISH

26 Emulates Eminem: RAPS

27 Meter or liter: UNIT

28 Revelations: EYEOPENERS

29 Plants used to make tequila: AGAVES

30 Cashed, as a forged check: KITED

34 "... happily __ after": EVER

35 Say no to: DENY

37 Tangled: SNARLED

39 Put in one's two cents: OPINED

42 Mrs. Cullen in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight": ESME

44 Venomous snake: ASP

47 "I know, right?": SOTRUE

48 Sign next to free samples: TRYONE

49 Hint: TRACE

50 Luau entertainment: HULAS

53 Gala giveaways: SWAG

54 "Electric" swimmers: EELS

56 "For that reason ... ": ERGO

57 Told a fantastic story, perhaps: LIED

58 North __: POLE

61 URL ending: ORG

62 Identify on Facebook: TAG

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