LA Times Crossword answers Monday 20 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 20 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 20 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Drains of strength: SAPS

5 Hoops player: CAGER

10 Immortal Middle-earth dweller: ELF

13 Suffix with switch: EROO

14 Gladiator's realm: ARENA

15 Henry __, who had six marriages: VIII

17 Gets an A on, as a test: ACES

18 Bench __: exercise: PRESS

19 Red sky at morning, to a sailor: OMEN

20 Long. crosser: LAT

21 Darjeeling and oolong: TEAS

22 Fire stirrers: POKERS

24 Writer Wharton: EDITH

26 "Indubitably!": YES

28 Hawk's nest: AERIE

29 Shrinks back: RECOILS

31 Like a student arriving ten minutes after the bell, as opposed to five: TARDIER

33 "Golly!": GEE

34 Greek cross: TAU

35 Old PC component: CRT

36 Midmorning work time-out, and a hint to this puzzle's circles: COFFEEBREAK

40 Santa __ winds: ANA

42 Convert (hide) into leather: TAN

43 Dada pioneer Jean: ARP

44 Roasted holiday birds: TURKEYS

47 Clickbait links, e.g.: TEASERS

51 Movie critic, when giving stars: RATER

52 As well: TOO

54 Religious belief: TENET

55 Hider's location-revealing words: INHERE

57 Japanese wrestling: SUMO

59 Half a Latin dance: CHA

60 Put __ on: limit: ACAP

61 Fashion designer Emilio: PUCCI

63 Christmas carol: NOEL

64 Toy building block: LEGO

65 Sir __ Newton: ISAAC

66 Word-of-mouth: ORAL

67 Bear's shelter: DEN

68 Chili con __: CARNE

69 Moistens: WETS


1 Putty, for example: SEALER

2 Video game area: ARCADE

3 Written in verse: POETIC

4 Sailor's "Help!": SOS

5 Flowing garb for Batman: CAPE

6 Orderly arrangements: ARRAYS

7 Sextet after the golden rings: GEESE

8 USN rank: ENS

9 Abrasive tool: RASP

10 Brought to mind: EVOKED

11 Funny five-line verse: LIMERICK

12 More passionate: FIERIER

16 Newspaper leaflet, say: INSERT

21 Porch pirate, for one: THIEF

23 Rowboat mover: OAR

25 Like takeout food: TOGO

27 Wild guess: STAB

30 Southpaw: LEFTY

32 Surrounding glows: AURAE

34 Decalogue number: TEN

36 Rome's Punic Wars foe: CARTHAGE

37 Toward sunrise: EAST

38 Muse of poetry: ERATO

39 Church recess: APSE

40 On __ basis: for testing purposes: ATRIAL

41 Characterized by subtle distinctions: NUANCED

45 Not turn off: KEEPON

46 Be wrong: ERR

47 Bird on a Froot Loops box: TOUCAN

48 "Sing another one!": ENCORE

49 Warm up, as leftovers: REHEAT

50 Hems and haws: STALLS

53 Grouchy Muppet: OSCAR

56 Large-scale tale: EPIC

58 Computer devices bearing little resemblance to their real-life namesakes: MICE

62 Can. neighbor: USA

63 "It's __ or never": NOW

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