LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 20 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Rearmost, as decks: AFT

4 Winter wear: PARKA

9 App with pics, familiarly: INSTA

14 Lead-in to gender: CIS

15 Brown and Yale: IVIES

16 Auctioned autos, often: REPOS

17 Ended corruption: DRAINEDTHESWAMP

20 __ fire: CEASE

21 Tofu source: SOYA

22 First Nations tribe: CREE

23 Shindig: GALA

25 "__ in the Boys Room": 1973-'74 hit: SMOKIN


32 Actor Somerhalder of "Lost": IAN

33 Lizard-approved coverage? GEICO

34 Place to get clean: REHAB

38 Shakespearean verb: DOTH

40 Intense anger: WRATH

42 What some queens do: RULE

43 Boston suburb named for an English county: ESSEX

45 Common conveyances for Calvin and Hobbes: SLEDS

47 Depression Era pres.: FDR

48 Made everything clear: LIFTEDTHEFOG

51 Nielsen of "The Naked Gun" films: LESLIE

54 Caesar's 18-Down: VIDI

55 Swift steed: ARAB

56 Sushi pairing: SAKE

60 Brief but sharp pains: PANGS

63 Historical turning point ... and, as three words, a literal description of 17-, 27- and 48-Across: WATERSHEDMOMENT

66 Timberlake's old crew: NSYNC

67 "Trade discount" quintet: AEIOU

68 Portuguese saint: SAO

69 Sleeping giant: SERTA

70 Grabbed forty winks: SLEPT

71 Oil additive brand: STP


1 "Back in Black" group: ACDC

2 Kindle __: FIRE

3 Modern-day wand wielders: TSAAGENTS

4 Source of Yuletide coziness: PINELOG

5 "__ Maria": AVE

6 Divests: RIDS

7 Low-carb, high-fat diet: KETO

8 Pale: ASHY

9 Apr. addressee: IRS

10 Often-hazed member: NEWCOMER

11 Lively quality: SPARK

12 Marisa of "The Wrestler" (2008): TOMEI

13 Sawatch Range resort: ASPEN

18 54-Across, here: ISAW

19 Verb that sounds like multiple vowels: EASE

24 Not lots: AFEW

26 Damage: MAR

27 __ one's time: be patient: BIDE

28 Vietnam neighbor: LAOS

29 Top spot: FIRST

30 E to E, e.g.: SCALE

31 Carried: TOTED

35 Arrogance: HUFFINESS

36 Canadian shoe retailer: ALDO

37 Scary floater: BERG

39 Recklessly determined: HELLBENT

41 Many a flat-screen: HDTV

44 Top of many a dial: XII

46 Begin a naval deployment: SHIPOUT

49 Own (up): FESS

50 Wax-coated cheese: EDAM

51 Targets of much fertilization: LAWNS

52 Rub off: ERASE

53 Woodland deity: SATYR

57 Light-bulb moments: AHAS

58 Ship stabilizer: KEEL

59 Falco of "Nurse Jackie": EDIE

61 Pesky insect: GNAT

62 "No más!": STOP

64 Early TV maker: RCA

65 Swabbie's tool: MOP

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