LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 July 2017

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Los Angeles Times 20 July 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 July 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Held in check: ATBAY

6 Spot for a Fitbit: WRIST

11 Practical joker: WAG

14 __ diem: CARPE

15 Shade-loving ornamental: HOSTA

16 Polished off: ATE

17 *Felt-covered gaming equipment: CRAPSTABLES

19 Hoodwink: CON

20 Reality TV host Mike: ROWE

21 Fit to __: ATEE

22 Grey Goose rival: STOLI

24 Coca-Cola Company headquarters: ATLANTA

26 Seuss' shelled reptile: YERTLE

27 Daughter of Michelle and Barack: SASHA

29 "Hard __!": sailor's cry: ALEE

30 Not as many: FEWER

33 Team on the field: OXEN

35 Midterm, e.g.: EXAM

38 NPR's Shapiro: ARI

39 *What may be moved by a fan: COOLAIR

42 Bio stat: AGE

43 Grammy: NANA

45 UPS driver's assignments: RTES

46 Match play? ARSON

48 Nights before: EVES

50 Home of Aleppo: SYRIA

52 Where to find wheels and deals: CASINO

54 Capelike garments: PONCHOS

58 Collar attachment: IDTAG

59 Jessica of "Hitchcock": BIEL

61 ATM output: CASH

62 Tazo product: TEA

63 1978 misfit comedy ... and something hidden in each answer to a starred clue: ANIMALHOUSE

66 Nutmeg State collegian: ELI

67 Big dos: GALAS

68 Ancient Anatolian region: IONIA

69 Rubio's title: Abbr.: SEN

70 Foe: ENEMY

71 Type in: ENTER


1 African capital near the prime meridian: ACCRA

2 Fortune-teller? TAROT

3 Barroom mix-up: BRAWL

4 Pacify: APPEASE

5 "That's right": YES

6 "Too funny!": WHATAHOOT

7 Loungewear item: ROBE

8 Man or Manhattan: ISLE

9 Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.: Abbr.: STE

10 Top of a cornstalk: TASSEL

11 *Dr Pepper Museum locale: WACOTEXAS

12 Ring-shaped coral reef: ATOLL

13 Garage door opener brand: GENIE

18 Puddies, to Tweety: TATS

23 Family __: TREE

25 Certain undercover cop: NARC

26 Golfer Tseng who's the youngest player to win five major championships: YANI

28 Car bars: AXLES

30 One of the faithful: FAN

31 Reliever's stat: ERA

32 *Result of a Merlot mishap: WINESTAIN

34 "Piece of cake!": EASYPEASY

36 Gone by: AGO

37 Popes and cardinals, but not nuns: MEN

40 Approximately: ORSO

41 Drops from above: RAIN

44 Nike competitor: AVIA

47 Rocky in a Beatles title: RACCOON

49 Captivate: ENGAGE

51 Get moving: ROLL

52 Quotes: CITES

53 Simpson of fashion: ADELE

55 Place to hang: HAUNT

56 Actor Davis: OSSIE

57 Shave, as sheep: SHEAR

59 Anger: BILE

60 Muslim holy man: IMAM

64 Chicken vindaloo go-with: NAN

65 Make tracks, old-style: HIE

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