LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 July 2018

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Los Angeles Times 20 July 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 July 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Looking to start something new, maybe: BORED

6 Syria's Bashar al-__: ASSAD

11 Ed. promoters: PTAS

15 Combined: INONE

16 Some Strads: CELLI

17 Minor overhead? URSA


21 Refreshing drinks: ADES

22 Georgetown athlete: HOYA

23 Is not wrong? AINT

24 Rest, in a way: SIT

25 Tragedy involving a Milne character? ROOANDJULIET

29 Things to hang onto: KEEPERS

31 Suffer: AIL

32 Can opener: TAB

33 Reserved: STAID

34 Noble title: EARL

36 Sylvia of jazz: SYMS

37 Drawing by Buffalo Bill? CODYSKETCH

41 Spit spots, for short: BBQS

44 Smidge: IOTA

45 "In what way?": HOWSO

49 Greek cross: TAU

50 Decline: SAG

51 Amp transporters: ROADIES

53 Spectator sport aboard a UFO? WRESTLINGETS

57 Whale group: GAM

58 Fix, as a toy: SPAY

59 A pop: EACH

60 Gulf Canada alternative: ESSO

61 "No comment!" ... and a hint to four puzzle answers: LEAVEMEOUTOFTHIS

65 Facility: EASE

66 1951 Reagan co-star: BONZO

67 Cell terminal: ANODE

68 Slightly: ATAD

69 Burden-bearing beasts: ASSES

70 Supported, as a weak ankle: TAPED


1 Major requests: BIGASKS

2 Losing purposely: ONADIET

3 Floral brew: ROSETEA

4 Son of Seth: ENOS

5 Dict. offering: DEF

6 Ones bringing blessings? ACHOOS

7 "Later!": SEEYA

8 "McSorley's Bar" artist: SLOAN

9 From A to Z: ALL

10 Handy initials: DIY

11 Star __: PUPIL

12 Fundamental doctrine of Christianity: TRINITY

13 Together: ASATEAM

14 Down: SAD

19 Superhero with a hammer: THOR

20 Spike __: railroad worker's tool: MAUL

25 More than fix up: REDO

26 Take the plunge: DARE

27 Dump: JILT

28 "Conan" channel: TBS

30 Snaps: PICS

34 No. from a builder: EST

35 Sometimes called, for short: AKA

36 Booted, say: SHOD

38 Lifebuoy competitor: DIAL

39 Classic Yankee nickname: YOGI

40 Chuck alternative: CHAS

41 "Incidentally," in texts: BTW

42 It's often a high chair: BARSEAT

43 Granada greeting: QUEPASA

46 Top secret store? WIGSHOP

47 Coast: SEASIDE

48 Diffused through a membrane: OSMOSED

50 Ophthalmologist's concern: STYE

51 Right-hand pages: RECTOS

52 Second emperor after Nero: OTHO

54 Backed up: SAVED

55 Bright signs: NEONS

56 First-aid kit item: GAUZE

60 Sicilian tourist attraction: ETNA

61 Field: LEA

62 Finance deg.: MBA

63 Sister of the moon goddess Selene: EOS

64 Thick: FAT

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