LA Times Crossword answers Monday 20 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 20 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 20 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Dust __: teensy arachnid: MITE

5 Sleep audibly: SNORE

10 Female pop star: DIVA

14 "Now!" letters: ASAP

15 Bounce off a wall: CAROM

16 Days of anticipation: EVES

17 iPhone assistant: SIRI

18 "Long story short ... ": INSUM

19 Greek god story, e.g.: MYTH

20 Reused file film: STOCKFOOTAGE

23 Nintendo console with a similarly named remote: WII

24 Increase, as the stakes: RAISE

28 "Climb aboard!": HOPIN

31 Audiophile's multi-disc holder: CDCHANGER

35 "__ explain!": ICAN

36 Strand on a desert island: MAROON

37 Musician Yoko: ONO

38 Actress Aniston, in tabloids: JEN

39 When repeated, nothing new: SAMEOLD

40 Wee bit: TAD

41 Actor Mahershala: ALI

42 "People say ... ": IHEARD

43 Snack: BITE

44 Flicks with 007: BONDFILMS

46 Tethered fliers: KITES

47 Tour of duty: STINT

48 Tasseled hat: FEZ

49 Adviser concerned with the starts of 20-, 31- and 44-Across: ASSETMANAGER

57 Tree part that yields cinnamon: BARK

60 Knighted composer Edward: ELGAR

61 Wander: ROVE

62 Haleakala National Park's island: MAUI

63 Two-wheeled transport with a battery: EBIKE

64 Agitate: ROIL

65 Would like: WANT

66 In-the-wall security features: SAFES

67 Sale price come-on adverb: ONLY


1 Sunday service: MASS

2 "Ya think?": ISIT

3 Poi plant: TARO

4 Underdog's surprising feat: EPICWIN

5 "Star Wars" genre: SCIFI

6 Prefix between micro- and pico-: NANO

7 Approximately: ORSO

8 10-1 victory, e.g.: ROUT

9 Actress Watson: EMMA

10 Humiliate: DEMEAN

11 Climbing vine: IVY

12 Thoroughly evaluate: VET

13 Campfire residue: ASH

21 Family: KIN

22 Large piano: GRAND

25 "This fly ball is mine!": IGOTIT

26 Roman political body: SENATE

27 Wears away: ERODES

28 Muslim head coverings: HIJABS

29 Leopardlike feline: OCELOT

30 Pressed Italian sandwich: PANINI

31 Saharan beast: CAMEL

32 Imagine great things: DREAM

33 Colorado-based brewery: COORS

34 Wait to speak to the next available agent, say: HOLD

36 Half a fish: MAHI

39 Searches (through): SIFTS

43 __ World, DC Comics planet of opposites: BIZARRO

45 apparatus: DNAKIT

46 "Jeopardy!" great Jennings: KEN

48 Taxi fees: FARES

50 Goes out with: SEES

51 Idris of "Luther": ELBA

52 Relieved end-of-week cry: TGIF

53 Produce: MAKE

54 Hired hood: GOON

55 Malevolent: EVIL

56 Depend (on): RELY

57 German luxury car: BMW

58 Towing org.: AAA

59 Gallop: RUN

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