LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 20 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 20 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 20 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 FX for some Marvel characters: CGI

4 '30s veep John __ Garner: NANCE

9 Different: OTHER

14 __ & Hammer baking soda: ARM

15 Throw for __: upset: ALOOP

16 Lumbering critter seen on safaris: RHINO

17 Make like Drake: RAP

18 Hot dog topper: CHILI

19 Gave up formally: CEDED

20 "That's what we agreed on": ADEALISADEAL

23 La., once: TERR

24 Latin word for "brought back" used in titles: REDUX

25 Haleakala National Park locale: MAUI

29 "Can't argue with the truth": FACTSAREFACTS

32 Period of time: SPELL

34 Bollywood wrap: SARI

35 Who, in Paris: QUI

36 Tic-__-toe: TAC

37 Drink suffix: ADE

40 Inc.'s U.K. cousin: LTD

41 Coffee dispenser: URN

42 Pertinent: APT

43 Ostracize: SHUN

45 Barely making, with "out": EKING

47 "Can't fight City Hall": RULESARERULES

51 One-named "Pillowtalk" singer: ZAYN

52 Pitney __: BOWES

53 Puerto __: RICO

56 "That's life" ... and a summing-up of 20-, 29- and 47-Across: ITISWHATITIS

59 Baby Yoda's real name: GROGU

62 Workout regimen: TAEBO

63 Rollover acronym: IRA

64 Wavy dos: PERMS

65 HR assessments: EVALS

66 Mork's home planet: ORK

67 Tiptoe deviously: SNEAK

68 "For __ sake!": PETES

69 Long of "Empire": NIA


1 Jeweler's measure: CARAT

2 Test score: GRADE

3 In a flawed way: IMPERFECTLY

4 Salt formula: NACL

5 Trumpet great with a statue in New Orleans: ALHIRT

6 Creaks and shrieks: NOISES

7 Pi–a __: rum drinks: COLADAS

8 Anesthetic injection that eases pain: EPIDURAL

9 Black-and-white ocean predator: ORCA

10 Louise's title pal: THELMA

11 Kept out of sight: HID

12 L.A.-to-Chicago dir.: ENE

13 Curtain holder: ROD

21 Devastated sea: ARAL

22 Use, as influence: EXERT

26 Corporate expansion tactic: ACQUISITION

27 Turnpike no-no, usually: UTURN

28 "Of Thee __": ISING

30 Many a Zoom session: CLASS

31 Castro of Cuba: FIDEL

32 Cable network that's a homophone for movie headliners: STARZ

33 __ New Guinea: PAPUA

38 Abu __: DHABI

39 Tricky basketball footwork named for the continent of its origin: EUROSTEP

44 '70s-'80s genre associated with the Knack's "My Sharona": NEWWAVE

46 Actress Russell: KERI

48 Real puzzle: ENIGMA

49 Nuke, as leftovers: REHEAT

50 Of service: USABLE

54 Clouds that sound like a virtual assistant: CIRRI

55 Japanese port: OSAKA

57 Warthog weapon: TUSK

58 Throw easily: TOSS

59 Navig. technology: GPS

60 Stimpy's sidekick: REN

61 Iron mine output: ORE

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