LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 20 June 2018

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Los Angeles Times 20 June 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 20 June 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Not quite round: OVAL

5 Gumbo vegetable: OKRA

9 Ply: LAYER

14 Like every U.S. president: MALE

15 "Coulda been a lot worse!": PHEW

16 Romantic text: ILUVU

17 Fidgety: ILLATEASE

19 Gymnast Simone who won four golds in Rio: BILES

20 Carefree: GAY

21 The "I" of "The King and I": ANNA

22 Masters: MAVENS

23 Characteristic of the villain in "The Fugitive": ONEARM

25 "Is that it?": WHATELSE

27 All-in-one printer feature: SCANNER

29 Actor Wallach: ELI

30 Unconscious: OUT

31 "__ goes nothing!": HERE

32 Muse of poetry: ERATO

34 Navig. technology: GPS

35 T.S. Eliot poem, with "The": WASTELAND

39 Sprite: ELF

42 Admonish: CHIDE

43 They're on the phone: APPS

47 Classical lead-in: NEO

48 Recycle bin item: CAN

49 Work on, as a vintage auto: RESTORE

52 Behold in amazement: MARVELAT

55 Pluto's largest moon: CHARON

56 Trip up: ASCENT

57 Use a wrecking ball on: RAZE

59 Ode title words: TOA

60 Metaphor in a gambling debacle: SHIRT

61 Employee hours suggested by this puzzle's circles: LATESHIFT

63 Smell or taste: SENSE

64 Ancient Dead Sea region: EDOM

65 Slurpee, basically: ICEE

66 Tidied, as a lawn: EDGED

67 TV warrior princess: XENA

68 Sci-fi escape ships: PODS


1 "Heavens!": OMIGOSH

2 Window topper: VALANCE

3 Twelve-month: ALLYEAR

4 Thompson of "Switched at Birth": LEA

5 Gift box direction: OPENME

6 Genghis __: KHAN

7 Watched again: RESAW

8 Astound: AWE

9 Liquid poured in honor of a deity: LIBATION

10 Animated: ALIVE

11 Holiday fireplace item: YULELOG

12 Ties, as a score: EVENSUP

13 Potatoes often used for fries: RUSSETS

18 Alpine lake: TARN

22 Island near Sicily: MALTA

24 Yet again: ANEW

26 Physician, hopefully: HEALER

28 Light-sensitive eye part: RETINA

33 Great American Ball Park player: RED

36 Like some French vowels: ACCENTED

37 Commandment verb: SHALT

38 Spreadsheet input: DATA

39 As a group: ENMASSE

40 On a tether: LEASHED

41 Compelling: FORCING

44 Colonnaded entryway: PORTICO

45 Reviewed for typos: PROOFED

46 State assemblies: SENATES

50 Skin malady: ECZEMA

51 "__ So Unusual": Cyndi Lauper's debut studio album: SHES

53 Poet's creation: VERSE

54 Word with secret or school: TRADE

58 Scads: ATON

61 Supervillain Luthor: LEX

62 In the know: HIP

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