LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 20 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 20 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 20 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Stress marks: ACCENTS

8 Result of melted crust: MAGMA

13 Kind of cable: COAXIAL

14 Little one on a slide: AMOEBA

16 Make an impression (on): IMPINGE

17 Nephrology focus: KIDNEYS

19 "Mind your own business": DONTJUDGE

21 "Immediately!": STAT

22 Poppycock: PAP

23 Split between personalities: RIFT

26 First woman to land a triple axel in competition: ITO

27 Super Mario __: BROS

29 Back in: RETRO

30 Sponge (up): SOP

31 Shipbuilder's starting point: KEEL

32 Heckled: JEERED

33 The Zugspitze, e.g.: ALP

34 Changed plans at the last second: CALLEDANAUDIBLE

37 Ryder Cup team: USA

38 Iberia hub: MADRID

39 Renaissance faire quaff: MEAD

40 "Gentleman" singer: PSY

41 "Challenge accepted!": ITSON

42 Proving field? MATH

43 Brita competitor: PUR

44 Defaulter's risk: REPO

45 A, in the key of D: SOL

46 Kind of will: ORAL

48 Subject in the film "Ghost": AFTERLIFE

53 Sound measure: DECIBEL

56 Sun-on-skin concern: AGESPOT

57 Warp, e.g.: DEFORM

58 Zips again, as a Ziploc bag: RESEALS

59 Night lights: STARS

60 Foe of Stalin: TROTSKY


1 __ rock: ACID

2 Perry with five Emmys: COMO

3 Commander in brief? CAPN

4 It's taken on the way out: EXITPOLL

5 Deadly agents: NINJAS

6 Prepare to go after a fly: TAGUP

7 Downhill traveler: SLED

8 Repeated phrase in the coda of James Taylor's "Shower the People": MAKEITRAIN

9 "What __ missing?": AMI

10 Krishna, e.g.: GOD

11 __ room: MENS

12 "We did wager, didn't we?": ABETISABET

15 Islamic leader: AYATOLLAH

18 Prevented: STOPPED

20 Eco-friendly housetop: GREENROOF

24 Neurologist who redefined "libido" to fit his theories: FREUD

25 Broadway barber: TODD

27 "I promise you ... ": BEASSURED

28 Contests with four legs: RELAYRACES

29 What a chiromancer does: READSPALMS

31 Single-serve coffee container: KCUPPOD

32 Singles network logo with a partly outlined Star of David: JDATE

35 Islamic leader: EMIR

36 "Ready!": IMALLSET

42 Beyond that: MORESO

45 "Like a Rock" rocker: SEGER

47 Raise: LIFT

49 Sharp-tasting: TART

50 Pub orders: IPAS

51 __ rock: FOLK

52 E-tailer with a "Vintage" category: ETSY

54 Feathers on a runway: BOA

55 Goof: ERR

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