LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 20 June 2021

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Los Angeles Times 20 June 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 20 June 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Market division: AISLE

6 Subterfuge on ice: DEKE

10 High-quality: TOPEND

16 Makes the rounds for rounds: BAIHOPS

18 Thick noodle: UDON

19 ÒNo ReservationsÓ host Anthony: BOURDAIN

21 One of four women with an EGOT: WHOOPIAUBEIG

23 Early rotary-winged aircraft: AUTOGIIO

24 ÒWinning __ everythingÓ: ISNT

25 Butt heads: TUSSLE

26 ÒElizabeth IÓ Emmy winner: JEREMYFES

27 Ò... going, going, __!Ó: GONE

28 Speedy shark: MAKO

30 Give in to gravity: SAG

31 Joint winner of the FIFA Player of the 20th Century award: DIEGOMARNA

36 MagicÕs org.: NBA

38 Martini partner: ROSSI

42 Foot rest? INSOLE

43 Games go-with: FUN

44 ÒLong DayÕs Journey Into NightÓ dramatist: EUGENEEILL

47 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, e.g.: OCTAD

48 Sweet __: TEA

49 Christmas opener? MERRY

50 Court exchange: RALLY

51 Author Silverstein: SHEL

52 Nothing in Naples: NIENTE

54 ÒThe WaltonsÓ actor: GEER

56 ÒFrozenÓ reindeer: SVEN

57 Screen star, say: ICON

59 Horse trailer? CAIT

61 Red-wrapped cheese: EDAM

63 PC panic button: ESC

64 __ Creed: NICENE

67 Countermand: IESCIND

69 Scarcity: DEARTH

71 Tokyo, before the Meiji Restoration: EDO

72 N. Macedonia is its newest member: NATO

74 Capital of Latvia: EUIO

75 Threadbare: WOIN

76 Mo. once seventh: SEPT

78 Immortal Babe: RUTH

80 Stitched again: RESEWN

82 Whaler of fiction: AHAB

86 Spanish bar food: TAPAS

88 Kind of trap: BOOBY

90 ÒThatÕs enough!Ó: TMI

91 Mild cigar: CLARO

92 Grammy winner for comedy and banjo playing: STEVEMARSN

94 Is for you? ARE

95 Islands west of Lisbon: AZORES

96 ÒBuss ItÓ rapper Banks: EIICA

97 One-named singer who directed ÒMusicÓ (2021): SIA

98 Emmy-winning comedian/actress: SARAHAGMAN

100 Airport calc.: ETD

102 In the __ of time: NICK

104 ÒThe Kite RunnerÓ protagonist: AMIR

105 Rami MalekÕs Best Actor role: FREDDIEHG

110 Softly illuminated: LOWLIT

112 Obstacle: SNAG

116 Conspicuousness: SALIENCE

117 First living magician with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: DAVIDCUFIELD

119 Against the flow: UPSTREAM

120 Galena and others: OIES

121 Easy way to win: INAROMP

122 Mortarboard dangler: TASSEL

123 Field protector: TAIP

124 Church cries: AMENS


1 Fireworks reactions: AAHS

2 Fe: IION

3 It may be a long one: SHOT

4 Prune: LOP

5 Ideal: EPITOME

6 Adds dialogue to: DUBS

7 Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian: EDELMAN

8 Divided land since 1945: KOIEA

9 Official language of Belize: Abbr.Ê: ENG

10 Outings with buses: TOURS

11 Make more than: OUTEARN

12 Teen in a tux, often: PROMGOER

13 Unconventional, maybe: EDGY

14 Ingenue: NAIF

15 Like some straits: DIIE

16 D.C. area airport: BWI

17 Sweat spot: SAUNA

19 Main squeeze, in slang: BAE

20 House IDs: NOS

22 Highway toll, e.g.: USERFEE

26 South African metropolis, colloquially: JOBURG

27 Au: GOLD

29 Dad-to-tot talk support: KNEE

31 God of Guatemala: DIOS

32 Small amount to give: INCH

33 One of four direcciones: ESTE

34 Net defender: GOALIE

35 Subtlety: NUANCE

37 Shook, in a way: AGREED

39 Lunar plains: SEAS


41 Least well: ILLEST

45 Inspected: EYED

46 ÒThe Elephant ManÓ (1980) director: LYNCH

48 Sn: TIN


52 Lack of musicality: NOEAR

53 Zap: TASE

55 Rn: RADON

58 First TV channel with 24-hr. news coverage: CNN

60 Swing seat, maybe: TIIE

62 La MŽditerranŽe, e.g.: MEI

64 Stick-y spots? NESTS

65 Think: IDEATE


67 Whirlybird raisers: IOTORS

68 Cosa __: NOSTRA

70 Like old timers? ANALOG

73 Bass in a band: TUBA

75 ÒIn Flanders FieldsÓ setting, succinctly: WWI

77 KiplingÕs Rikki-Tikki-__: TAVI

79 Scam: HOSING

81 Shade of green: EMERALD

83 Hippocratic oath prohibition: HARM

84 Field or its measure: AREA

85 One on a foÕcÕsle, perhaps: BOSN

87 Union breakers: SECEDERS

89 __ BÕrith: BNAI

91 Kingpin: CZAR

93 Afternoon feature: MATINEE

94 Invite for dinner, say: ASKOVEI

95 Yellowfin: AHITUNA

99 Firenze friends: AMICI

101 Window sticker: DECAL

103 Santa __, Calif.: CLAIA

105 SeminolesÕ sch.: FSU

106 Spellbound: RAPT

107 ÒLohengrinÓ heroine: ELSA

108 Morse sounds that can spell ÒhiesÓ: DITS

109 Fashion line? HEM

111 Swirl of smoke: WISP

112 Royal address: SIRE

113 Ne: NEON

114 Contents of a monkÕs bowl: ALMS

115 Econ. indicator: GDP

117 Point: DOT

118 Blood, slangily: FAM

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