LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 20 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 20 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 20 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Garbage delivery vehicle? SPAMBOT

8 World Chess Champion Carlsen: MAGNUS

14 Susan Ruttan's "L.A. Law" role: ROXANNE

15 Used up a lot of: ATEINTO

17 Like some stockings: TOELESS

18 Attorney's knowledge base: CASELAW

19 "Anyone can play," on game boxes: ALLAGES

20 Pretend: ACTLIKE

21 "Who __?": New Orleans Saints chant: DAT

22 Slowed: ARRESTED

23 Intelligence: SMARTS

26 Beginning of an apology: MEA

27 One Pillar Pagoda city: HANOI

28 Riding a Segway, say: ONWHEELS

34 Free-spirited: INDIVIDUALISTIC

37 Bestowed on: VESTEDIN

38 "Absentia" co-star __ Katic: STANA

39 Permit: LET

40 Dishonestly obtained: STOLEN

41 Runs on: BLABBERS

46 Term of affection: HON

47 Big name in portable illumination: MAGLITE

48 Bond first bought by FDR in 1941: SERIESE

52 New York natives: ONEIDAS

53 Emergency sorting systems: TRIAGES

54 Tubular pastries: CANNOLI

55 Fruit in some Chinese New Year customs: ORANGES

56 Hardly shines: STINKS

57 Innocently charming: WINSOME


1 Quincea–era honoree: Abbr.: SRTA

2 Group to select from: POOL

3 "Beverly Hills Cop" cop Foley: AXEL

4 All thumbs: MALADROIT

5 Less than 2% have this type: BNEGATIVE

6 Beginnings: ONSETS

7 Rizzoli and Isles creator Gerritsen: TESS

8 Popular '90s dance: MACARENA

9 How rush-hour traffic often moves: ATACRAWL

10 Beau __: GESTE

11 Physics Nobelist the year after Albert: NIELS

12 Hard to see in, at times: UNLIT

13 Chips on the table: STAKE

16 Wasn't square: OWED

22 Comes (to): AMOUNTS

23 Homemade knife: SHIV

24 It may be braided for competition: MANE

25 Additions: ANDS

29 One focused on the past: HISTORIAN

30 Tallinn natives: ESTONIANS

31 Too many to name, for short: ETAL

32 It may be a cue: LINE

33 Medical procedure: SCAN

35 Chatter: IDLETALK

36 Umlaut lookalike: DIERESIS

40 Shepherd formerly of "The View": SHERRI

41 Coll. QB, stereotypically: BMOC

42 Turner and Wachowski: LANAS

43 Office plant, perhaps: AGENT

44 Pancakes served with sour cream: BLINI

45 Try to buy: BIDON

48 Put overhead, maybe: STOW

49 Eleven's favorite breakfast brand, in "Stranger Things": EGGO

50 Look: SEEM

51 Ancient being? ESSE

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