LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 20 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 20 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 20 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Big do: SHINDIG

8 Attacks: SETSAT

14 Discusses, with "out": HASHES

20 Traditional Eastern garments: KIMONOS

21 Arch support: INSOLE

22 1974 Top 10 Ringo Starr hit: OHMYMY

23 "Surgeon freaks out over higher __!": OPERATINGCOSTS

25 Dish out messily, as goulash: SLOPON

26 Email clutter: SPAM

27 Nerve cell transmitter: AXON

28 Bring comfort to: SOOTHE

30 Jared of "Fight Club": LETO

31 Luv: HON

32 TV Drs. Isles and Quincy: MES

34 Build-it-yourself furniture chain: IKEA

35 Scott in an 1857 case: DRED

36 "Cattle rancher freaks out over __!": STOCKMARKETDIP

43 Estate planning list: HEIRS

44 White option, briefly: CHARD

45 "__ go down to the seas again": Masefield: IMUST

46 Put on notice: WARN

47 Ones at home on the range: ARCHERS

50 Stock seller, often: BEAR

51 Hesitant sounds: UMS

52 Vaccine safety agcy.: FDA

55 It may accompany vertigo: NAUSEA

56 "Landscaper freaks out over cut back __"! HEDGEFUND

59 Open, as an envelope: SLIT

60 Write "mispell," e.g.: ERR

61 Hard-to-move type: STOIC

63 Hawks: SELLS

64 Popeye's stop: AVAST

65 Country singer Haggard: MERLE

67 Mekong River land: LAOS

69 Grammy, alternatively: NANA

70 All, in scores: TUTTI

71 Curved moldings: OGEES

72 Ski resort near Montpelier: STOWE

74 "Let me sleep on it": MAYBE

76 Dr. Seuss' Sam-__: IAM

77 Billionth: Pref.: NANO

78 "Shrimper captain freaks out over __!": NETLOSSES

80 Punk rock's Joey or Dee Dee: RAMONE

82 No. on a landscaper's doc: EST

83 Came out on top: WON

84 Newspaper stand? OPED

85 Some fictional turtles: MUTANTS

86 Name in early Genesis chapters: ADAM

88 Auricle, in anatomy: PINNA

90 Sombrero wearer's title, often: SENOR

91 Breakfast strips: BACON

93 "Restaurant owner freaks out over __!": CONSUMPTIONTAX

97 Aunties' mates: UNCS

98 Card relative? RIOT

99 NBA great Ming: YAO

100 La-la preceder: TRA

102 New Mexico art colony: TAOS

103 Julie with multiple Tonys and Emmys: HARRIS

106 TriBeCa neighbor: SOHO

109 How many ER orders are given: STAT

110 Perceptiveness: ACUITY

112 "Car rental agency franchisee freaks out over __!": BUDGETDEFICITS

115 Common workday starting hr.: NINEAM

116 "Swan Lake" heroine: ODETTE

117 Longtime "General Hospital" actress: ANNALEE

118 Major course: ENTREE

119 Affirmatives: YESSES

120 Taco truck fare: TOSTADA


1 Itty bit: SKOSH

2 "Hungry, hungry" game beasts: HIPPOS

3 "Let me clarify ... ": IMEANT

4 It's not unusual: NORM

5 __ kit: DNA

6 Itty bit: IOTA

7 Unofficial EU leaders group: GSIX

8 Bottom-line name: SIGNER

9 Letter abbr.: ENC

10 General __ chicken: TSOS

11 Just okay: SOSO

12 Tin mints: ALTOIDS

13 Radon detection aid: TESTKIT

14 Book before Joel: HOSEA

15 Minor league rink org.: AHL

16 Burn sans flames: SMOLDER

17 "Balloonist freaks out over __!": HYPERINFLATION

18 Stage attention-getter: EMOTER

19 Church councils: SYNODS

24 Bedouin, e.g.: NOMAD

29 With it, old-style: HEP

33 Tackled moguls: SKIED

37 Folk legend Phil: OCHS

38 Cocktail hour array: CHEESES

39 Gold measure: KARAT

40 Woolf's "__ Dalloway": MRS

41 Salon and Slate: EMAGS

42 Large serving bowl: TUREEN

43 Is down with: HAS

46 Subj. of arms negotiations: WMD

47 Buttercup relative: ANEMONE

48 Krypton, for one: RAREGAS

49 "Electrician freaks out over drop in his __!": CURRENTACCOUNT

50 Chill: BECOOL

51 Retract: UNSAY

53 A long ways off: DISTANT

54 Now and then: ATTIMES

56 "Perfectly Good Guitar" singer John: HIATT

57 Attacked via email: FLAMED

58 Arm bones: ULNAS

59 "Law & Order: __": SVU

62 Daily Planet name: OLSEN

64 Gorged oneself: ATEATON

66 Sign of summer: LEO

68 Passes out: SWOONS

73 College sports airer: ESPNU

75 Netflix title puggle dog: BRUNO

78 __ de guerre: alias: NOM

79 Morally repugnant: SEAMY

81 Trade center: MART

83 Sickly looking: WAN

85 Travis Tritt's "Tell __ Was Dreaming": MEI

87 FBI file: DOSSIER

88 Original name of a classic NOLA sandwich: POORBOY

89 Offer an unwelcome opinion, maybe: INTRUDE

90 Left one's seat: STOOD

91 Lighter fluid: BUTANE

92 Pain relief brand: ANACIN

93 "Argo" spy org.: CIA

94 Cuts partner: PASTES

95 Fifth-century enemy of Rome: ATTILA

96 Explicit, in a way: XRATED

98 What's done for fun? RHYME

101 On the briny: ATSEA

104 Dire day for Caesar: IDES

105 Pepper et al.: Abbr.: SGTS

107 Pressure: HEAT

108 __ consequence: OFNO

109 "Beat it!": SCAT

111 __ Bo: TAE

113 Paris Jazz Festival saison: ETE

114 Seat holders: INS

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