LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 20 May 2020

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Los Angeles Times 20 May 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 20 May 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __ Springs: PALM

5 Word with base or boot: CAMP

9 National Poetry Month: APRIL

14 Six-time MLB All-Star MoisŽs: ALOU

15 Curved molding: OGEE

16 Water under the Pont de Normandie: SEINE

17 Give 110% effort: WORKONESBUTTOFF

20 Publicity photos from movies: STILLS

21 Swedish pop quartet: ABBA

22 Day care charge: TOT

23 Illegal freeway maneuvers, for short: UIES

25 Meat cut: LOIN

27 Be excessively verbose: TALKONESEAROFF

33 Santa __ winds: ANA

34 Brood: STEW

35 Wild child: TERROR

37 Syndrome after a life-threatening experience, briefly: PTSD

39 Title for tennis great Andy Murray: SIR

41 Selfish shout: MINE

42 __ Club: conservation group: SIERRA

45 Carpet type: SHAG

48 QB stats: TDS

49 Mourn at length: CRYONESEYESOUT

52 Unlikely, as a chance: SLIM

53 Carrie-__ Moss of "Jessica Jones": ANNE

54 Dedicated poem: ODE

57 "Livin' la Vida __": LOCA

59 Herbal cough drop brand: RICOLA

63 Worry to an extreme degree: PULLONESHAIROUT

66 Falcon's claw: TALON

67 Boris Johnson's alma mater: ETON

68 "The Snowy Day" Caldecott winner __ Jack Keats: EZRA

69 Tons: SLEWS

70 Ran out of juice: DIED

71 Ready to drive: TEED


1 Cats play with them: PAWS

2 Loads: ALOT

3 Greiner of "Shark Tank": LORI

4 Arctic footwear: MUKLUK

5 Agree: CONSENT

6 It's just a number, so they say: AGE

7 Elevated landform: MESA

8 Little rock: PEBBLE

9 Rogers' partner: ASTAIRE

10 Favorite: PET

11 Hilarious one: RIOT

12 The 411: INFO

13 Took off: LEFT

18 Hodgepodges: OLIOS

19 WWII sea threat: UBOAT

24 Views: SEES

26 Typical behavior: NORM

27 Brewpub array: TAPS

28 Bit of foolishness: ANTIC

29 Surgical tool: LASER

30 Havarti alternative: SWISS

31 Corn chip: FRITO

32 Ballet bend that sounds like a cheese dish: FONDU

36 Enjoy an easy chair: REST

38 Prohibitionists: DRYS

40 Ostrich relative: RHEA

43 Deodorant choices: ROLLONS

44 Negative particle: ANION

46 "Atlas Shrugged" novelist: AYNRAND

47 Bottled spirits: GENII

50 Hosted: EMCEED

51 Like passwords, ideally: SECRET

54 Declines, with "out": OPTS

55 Twofold: DUAL

56 Fashion magazine since 1945: ELLE

58 Italian wine region: ASTI

60 Move like a blob: OOZE

61 Bait: LURE

62 Somewhat: ATAD

64 Close to the ground: LOW

65 Manual weed whacker: HOE

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