LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 20 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 *Historic barn owner: OLEARY

7 *Screen seductress: ROBINSON

15 "Peter Pan" playwright: BARRIE

16 Intimate: ONETOONE

17 Sells at a huge markup: SCALPS

18 Modernize, as a factory: AUTOMATE

19 Sorbonne summer: ETE

20 Sticker shock source, perhaps: Abbr.: MSRP

22 ESPN analyst who was a three-time A.L. MVP: AROD

23 Shakespeare's 154: SONNETS

25 Small ammo: BBS

27 Tokyo's Yoko: ONO

28 Color variant: HUE

29 Classic ref. work: OED

32 "... some kind of __?": ANUT

35 Iridescent stones: OPALS

37 Wages: PAY

38 *Dried spices brand: DASH

39 *1993 Williams role: DOUBTFIRE

41 *Bart's teacher: KRABAPPEL

43 *Frozen fish brand namesake: PAUL

44 Continental trade org.: EEC

45 Metal en una mina: PLATA

46 General's domain: ARMY

47 One of many on today's phones: APP

48 Word with luck or hole: POT

49 Price __: WAR

51 Qantas luggage tag letters: SYD

52 Mediterranean language: MALTESE

56 Give a heads-up: WARN

59 BLT component: MAYO

60 L.A. commuter org.: MTA

61 Ornamental shrub: OLEANDER

64 Eastern philosophy: TAOISM

67 Cloudy: OVERCAST

68 Old-timey stable groom: OSTLER

69 *Virginia Woolf protagonist: DALLOWAY

70 *Big name in cookies: FIELDS


1 Out of use: Abbr.: OBS

2 What slippers generally lack: LACES

3 Bard's muse: ERATO

4 "Over the Rainbow" composer: ARLEN

5 Tear: RIP

6 Agreeable types: YESMEN

7 Crowd approval: ROARS

8 "Come __!": loft dweller's invite: ONUP

9 Raise, say: BET

10 Skater Midori: ITO

11 Eduardo's "Enough!": NOMAS

12 Glide high: SOAR

13 Aware of: ONTO

14 Require: NEED

21 Didn't draw a card: STOODPAT

24 Discontented: NOTHAPPY

25 Light source: BULB

26 Majority (of): BESTPART

28 Remove with trucks: HAULAWAY

29 Kind of poppy: OPIUM

30 Like an eager "bird": EARLY

31 Coloring agent: DYE

32 Madison Ave. figure: ADREP

33 Spingarn Medal org.: NAACP

34 Modern sort of port: USB

36 Sappho or Pindar: POET

40 Partner of away: FAR

41 Mauna __: KEA

42 Walk with effort: PLOD

50 Much: ALOTOF

51 Sound from a cornered cur: SNARL

52 McFly in "Back to the Future": MARTY

53 Overact: EMOTE

54 Yet: STILL

55 Simplified: EASED

56 Timber: WOOD

57 Part of TAE: ALVA

58 Projection booth item: REEL

59 Southwestern sight: MESA

62 Cpl., e.g.: NCO

63 Crow cousin: DAW

65 Just-thought link: ASI

66 Title for eight puzzle answers: MRS

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