LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 May 2022

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Los Angeles Times 20 May 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 May 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Routine: ACT

4 Agitate: RILE

8 Snob __: APPEAL

14 Guessing game: CHARADES

16 Metal framework: GRILLE

17 *Appendage capable of kicking a 60-yard field goal? RAREFOOT

18 Successfully lure: ROPEIN

19 List-ending abbr.: ETAL

20 "Act Like You Don't" country singer Brooke: EDEN

22 Like a March hare: MAD

23 *Result of a computer virus? INTERNETMESS

28 Communications platform that began as a chat service for gamers: DISCORD

31 Deck out: ADORN

32 Calligraphy supply: INK

33 Latvian seaport: RIGA

35 Uneducated guess: STAB

38 Farm house: STY

39 Like someone who appears untouched by time, and like the answers to the starred clues? AGELESS

43 Blonde __: ALE

44 Browser button: HOME

46 China setting: ASIA

47 Maki topping: ROE

48 Subside: ABATE

52 Hose attachment: SPRAYER

54 *Purpose of a phone booth, to Clark Kent? GARBDISPOSAL

57 Uncertain sounds: UMS

58 Quash: VETO

59 Be without: LACK

63 Sweater wool: MOHAIR

65 *LEGO minifigure of Emmet Brickowski, e.g.? MICROMAN

69 Slow-cook, in a way: BRAISE

70 Volatile: ERUPTIVE

71 Cried out: YELLED

72 "I __ to recall ... ": SEEM

73 Wet blanket: DEW


1 Animal Crossing unit: ACRE

2 Zoom option: CHAT

3 Strong who voices Miss Minutes on "Loki": TARA

4 U.K. fliers: RAF

5 Binding words: IDO

6 Zodiac sign: LEO

7 Aromatic compound: ESTER

8 "It's settled, then!": AGREED

9 Right away: PRONTO

10 Apple seed: PIP

11 Miller/Liu TV drama: ELEMENTARY

12 Assumed name: ALIAS

13 Takes interest, maybe: LENDS

15 Museum item: RELIC

21 Genetic letters: DNA

24 Bollywood dancer/actress Fatehi: NORA

25 Pre-calc course: TRIG

26 Periphery: EDGE

27 Dash of flavor? MRS

28 Chef's creation: DISH

29 Passionate about: INTO

30 In-flight officer: SKYMARSHAL

34 __ proven├žale: ALA

36 The Body Shop balm: ALOE

37 Ingredient in some batter: BEER

40 Canadian gas brand: ESSO

41 Nurses: SIPS

42 Indie pop duo Tegan and __: SARA

45 Flow back: EBB

49 Counsel: ADVISE

50 In layers: TIERED

51 Superlative suffix: EST

53 Dole out: ALLOT

54 Claymation character with a horse: GUMBY

55 Love, in arias: AMORE

56 Apples, pears, etc.: POMES

60 Surrounded by: AMID

61 Finally give: CAVE

62 Had down cold: KNEW

64 Feel sick: AIL

66 Fury: IRE

67 Shuffleboard stick: CUE

68 Record no.: RPM

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