LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 20 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 20 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 20 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Relaxes on the porch, say: ROCKS

6 Character set: CAST

10 “Some girls with 87 a snuffle / Their 88 tempers are 90 uffle” poet: NASH

14 Pest control brand: ORKIN

19 Digs in the snow: IGLOO

20 Many a woman, vocally: ALTO

21 ÒHomelandÓ actress Miranda: OTTO

22 Revolutionary diplomat Silas: DEANE

23 *Retail enticement: TRIALOFFER

25 Cassandra's prophecy: DOOM

26 Ill-fated energy company: ENRON

27 Peaceful and relaxed: ZEN

28 ”Word is ... ”: IHEAR

29 *Western nickname: SILVERSTATE

31 Chipotle option: TACO

33 Expert in futures? ORACLE

35 __ buco: OSSO

36 Foe of Rocky: BORIS

37 Desert or tundra: BIOME

38 Longoria of ”Telenovela”: EVA

39 Org. in some le Carré novels: KGB

42 Federal Reserve chair Yellen: JANET

43 Supplied, as a forgotten line: FEDTO

44 Sitarist Shankar: RAVI

46 Skin: PEEL

47 *Reporter's credential: PRESSPASS

49 Pollen source: STAMEN

51 Annual stage award: OBIE

52 Auction ender? EER

53 Outer: Pref.: ECT

54 *Mall rarity at Christmas: PARKINGSPACE

56 Contend (with): GRAPPLE

59 Thus far: ASYET

60 Friend of Claudius I: HEROD

61 Seedy digs: RATTRAP

64 Quite a journey: ODYSSEY

67 ”Whoop-de-doo”: OHFUN

70 Bolt on the track: USAIN

72 Comes into view: APPEARS

76 *Like much farm decor: COUNTRYSTYLE

79 Goliath, to David: FOE

80 It might have the family name on it: MAT

81 Coastal raptor: ERNE

82 Make public, in a way: UNSEAL

83 *Many sandwiches are made for it: LUNCHTIME

86 Raggedy dolls: ANNS

87 __ review: PEER

88 Mower handle? DEERE

90 Devoured: EATEN

91 Born, in Bordeaux: NEE

92 Brick-shaped candy: PEZ

93 __-mouthed: inclined to curse: POTTY

94 Brown in the kitchen: ALTON

95 NYC line with a Babylon branch: LIRR

97 Bluffing words, perhaps: IRAISE

99 Thick slice: SLAB

100 *Airport employee: TICKETAGENT

103 Forearm bones: RADII

106 Mauna __: LOA

109 Moronic: INANE

110 Chipotle option: MILD

111 Fracas, and a hint to both words in the answers to starred clues: FREEFORALL

113 GoPro competitor: NIKON

114 Sneaker brand: AVIA

115 Muddy ground: MIRE

116 One lacking roots: NOMAD

117 Crockpot dishes: STEWS

118 Min. divisions: SECS

119 Assist in a gym: SPOT

120 ”Ciao!”: SEEYA


1 High-end hotel: RITZ

2 Grimm meanie: OGIE

3 The dot-com boom coincided with much of it: CLINTONERA

4 Org. for the great outdoors: KOA

5 Seeks earnestly: SOLICITS

6 Free Wi-Fi provider, often: CAFE

7 __ Romeo: ALFA

8 Sports testing subjects: STEROIDS

9 A.L. East team: TOR

10 ”Ixnay”: NODICE

11 Island ring: ATOLL

12 Kiln, e.g.: STOVE

13 Sweet spot? HOME

14 Black Sea resort: ODESSA

15 Property owner's income: RENTS

16 Where to find flat beer drinkers? KARAOKEBAR

17 Tied, briefly: INOT

18 Endangered state bird: NENE

24 Sounds of discovery: OHOS

29 Indian pastries: SAMOSAS

30 __ eyes: ROVING

32 Lover of Aphrodite: ARES

34 Poppycock: ROT

36 More Spartan: BARER

37 Cream: BEST

38 Tied: EVEN

40 ”It's what you do” insurance company: GEICO

41 Run: BLEED

42 Picture file acronym: JPEG

43 Aspect: FACET

44 Gathered (in): RAKED

45 Peaceful relations: AMITY

46 Robin Williams title role: POPEYE

48 Trapper's prize: PELT

50 ”You'd like this”: TRYONE

54 Tropical fruit used in salsas: PAPAYA

55 Smith of Fox News: SHEP

57 Trims in the garden: PRUNES

58 Huff and puff: PANT

62 Charlotte __: RUSSE

63 Daisylike bloom: ASTER

65 Rhone tributary: SAONE

66 Building guideline: SPEC

67 Large amount: OCEAN

68 Mezzo Marilyn: HORNE

69 Carnival treat: FUNNELCAKE

71 Volunteer's phrase: ILLDOIT

73 Question of responsibility: AMITOBLAME

74 Cheap collegiate cupful: RAMEN

75 WWII submachine gun: STEN

77 Media mogul Murdoch: RUPERT

78 Santa __ Valley: California wine region: YNEZ

79 Violent anger: FURY

83 ”Go for it!”: LETERRIP

84 Rowdy sorts: HELLIONS

85 ”Ciao”: TATA

89 Some ”Doctor Who” creatures: ETS

92 Hogs the mirror, say: PREENS

93 Zoo animals with Chinese names: PANDAS

94 ”Yeah, right!”: ASIF

96 ”No duh!”: IKNOW

97 Cry of surrender: IGIVE

98 Museum piece: RELIC

100 Anchovy containers: TINS

101 Part of A.A. Milne? INIT

102 Latin trio part: AMAS

104 Flying start? AERO

105 OFF! ingredient: DEET

107 Aveeno rival: OLAY

108 ”The Aviator” Oscar nominee: ALDA

111 Radio settings: FMS

112 Sushi roll topping: ROE

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