LA Times Crossword answers Monday 20 November 2017

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Los Angeles Times 20 November 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 20 November 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Gospel truth: FACT

5 Previous time of life: PAST

9 Broadway bombs: FLOPS

14 Southwestern stewpot: OLLA

15 Texter's modest "I think ... ": IMHO

16 Choosing rhyme starter: EENIE

17 Hand from the audience: ROUNDOFAPPLAUSE

20 Actor __ Ivory Wayans: KEENEN

21 Castle barrier: MOAT

22 Con man's sucker: SAP

23 Robert of "The Sopranos": ILER

25 Is the right size: FITS

27 Group one likes to hang with: CIRCLEOFFRIENDS

34 Prefix with logical: ECO

35 Shrunken Asian sea: ARAL

36 Braid: PLAIT

37 Jump: LEAP

39 Blue cartoon papa: SMURF

42 "Zip-__-Doo-Dah": ADEE

43 Clear, as an argument: LUCID

45 Holiday trees: FIRS

47 "Hometown Proud" supermarket chain: IGA

48 Area in which one has power: SPHEREOFCONTROL

52 Royal sari wearer: RANI

53 Indian nurse: AMAH

54 Plugs for products: ADS

57 Swallow hard: GULP

59 Frightened, in dialect: AFEARD

63 1970 Temptations hit with the subtitle "That's What the World Is Today": BALLOFCONFUSION

66 Sing like Bing: CROON

67 Actress Jessica: ALBA

68 Creative spark: IDEA

69 Frets: STEWS

70 Close at hand: NEAR

71 Droops like an old sofa: SAGS


1 Road split: FORK

2 Skin soother: ALOE

3 Game with suspects: CLUE

4 Kind of acid in red wine: TANNIC

5 First settlers: PIONEERS

6 Big initials in bowling: AMF

7 Bedding accessory: SHAM

8 Fill to the brim: TOPOFF

9 Soft penpoint: FELTTIP

10 Pasture: LEA

11 Responsibility: ONUS

12 Italian tower town: PISA

13 Ooze: SEEP

18 Singer Reese: DELLA

19 Two of a kind: PAIR

24 Wander: ROAM

26 Actress Ward: SELA

27 Basic anatomy units: CELLS

28 Freeze over: ICEUP

29 Insect trapped in a "motel": ROACH

30 Pillow down, say: FLUFF

31 Low point: NADIR

32 San __ Padres: DIEGO

33 Take illegally: STEAL

38 Jetty: PIER

40 Costa __: RICA

41 How the wise men came: FROMAFAR

44 Fire-breathing beasts: DRAGONS

46 Major mix-up: SNAFU

49 Sufficient, in texts: ENUF

50 Tin Man's need: OILCAN

51 Grad student's paper: THESIS

54 Grade school basics: ABCS

55 Pointed pub flier: DART

56 __ gin fizz: SLOE

58 Flag holder: POLE

60 Verdi title princess: AIDA

61 "Walkabout" director Nicolas: ROEG

62 Genetic carriers: DNAS

64 Weather map "L": LOW

65 Org. with Lakers and Clippers: NBA

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