LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 20 November 2018

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Los Angeles Times 20 November 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 20 November 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Worked off nervous energy, say: PACED

6 Grounded fast jet: SST

9 Like imitators: APISH

14 Maine town on the Penobscot: ORONO

15 Letter after sigma: TAU

16 Food from heaven: MANNA

17 Traditional Easter dinner: ROASTLAMB

19 "... better __ worse": wedding vow words: ORFOR

20 Wedding rental: TUX

21 "Not bad, not great": SOSO

22 Cuts anew: RESAWS

23 "In your dreams!": ASIF

25 Steinway seat, perhaps: PIANOBENCH

27 Biological mapping subjects: GENOMES

29 By the seashore: COASTAL

30 Garden tool: EDGER

31 Scientist Wernher __ Braun: VON

32 Undercover agent: SPY

33 Ohio's has wheat and arrows: STATESEAL

38 Transmission type: Abbr.: STD

41 Line on many a receipt: TAX

42 Hold (onto): LATCH

46 Take advance orders for: PRESELL

49 Colder than cold: SUBZERO

51 Boating safety feature: LIFEJACKET

53 Former couples: EXES

54 Curly-horned goats: IBEXES

55 Mama's mama: NANA

57 Vietnam New Year: TET

58 Renaissance fair garment: TUNIC

59 Glancing blow on the road, and a hint to the puzzle's circles: SIDESWIPE

61 Still soft, as concrete: UNSET

62 Sci-fi vehicle: UFO

63 Golf targets: HOLES

64 Jury members: PEERS

65 Wooden pin: PEG

66 Wide-mouthed pitchers: EWERS


1 Canoe carrying: PORTAGE

2 Turned on: AROUSED

3 Cajolery: COAXING

4 Running trio? ENS

5 Colon components: DOTS

6 Equilibrium: STASIS

7 Polynesian island nation: SAMOA

8 "Rub-a-dub-dub" vessel: TUB

9 Microscopic organism: AMOEBA

10 Analyzes grammatically: PARSES

11 Babies: INFANTS

12 Mt. Hood hood? SNOWCAP

13 How scolding words may be spoken: HARSHLY

18 Leisurely gait: LOPE

22 ABC exec Arledge: ROONE

24 Enemies: FOES

26 Cpls. and sgts.: NCOS

28 Muscular 2017 "Dancing With the Stars" competitor: MRT

31 Distress: VEX

34 Book of maps: ATLAS

35 Gymnast's powder: TALC

36 Vatican vestment: ALB

37 Lounge (around): LAZE

38 Call it quits: SPLITUP

39 Chicago newspaper: TRIBUNE

40 The "D" of "NORAD": DEFENSE

43 Silk or cashmere: TEXTILE

44 Climbing vine: CREEPER

45 Snack cake maker with the Nasdaq symbol TWNK: HOSTESS

47 More appealing: SEXIER

48 Spits out, as a DVD: EJECTS

49 Old salt: SEADOG

50 __ Reader: eclectic digest: UTNE

52 Chef's cutter: KNIFE

56 Tennis great Arthur: ASHE

59 "How's it hangin'?": SUP

60 __ factor: impressive quality: WOW

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