LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 20 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 20 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 20 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Some Hispanic pals: AMIGAS

7 Winnie-the-Pooh salutation: HALLO

12 Barbara Eden and Barbara Walters: NONAGENARIANS

15 Celiac sufferer's bar order: GLUTENFREEBEER

17 Singer Brickell: EDIE

18 Result of shooting at the sun: LENSFLARE

20 Admits: LETSIN

23 Blonde with a large head, perhaps: ALE

24 One often hailed: CAB

25 Some plugs: ADS

26 "The King and I" setting: SIAM

29 Lyre-toting Muse: ERATO

31 "Tuck me in" garb: JAMMIES

34 Roast holder: OVEN

35 Love-spoofing '30s-'40s film genre: SCREWBALLCOMEDY

39 Drove, with "off": TEED

40 Slipshod: ILLMADE

41 Place to rest: OASIS

43 ... and then __: SOME

44 Sundance TV owner: AMC

47 Columbus sch.: OSU

48 Tubes: TVS

51 Reacted to a depression? SAIDAH

53 Aggressive demand: LEMMEATEM

57 Award-winning Cooper: MINI

58 Old-fashioned opening: DEARSIRORMADAM

61 Summer destination for many youngsters: SLEEPAWAYCAMP

62 Gets licked: LOSES

63 Impersonate convincingly: PASSAS


1 __ Moss, Portia Doubleday's "Mr. Robot" role: ANGELA

2 Like many sandcastles: MOLDED

3 Native Alaskans: INUITS

4 Airport array: GATES

5 Number that never goes down: AGE

6 Harris, pre-VP: SEN

7 Storied also-ran: HARE

8 Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium, e.g.: ARENA

9 "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" girl, in a show tune: LIESL

10 Chem class charge: LABFEE

11 Like Nash's lama: ONEL

13 Art Rooney Award org.: NFL

14 Phenomenon carved by waves: SEACAVE

16 Not for kids: RRATED

19 Black shade: EBONY

21 Witness' words: ISAW

22 Latin for "clouds": NIMBI

27 Humanitarian Clooney: AMAL

28 Paper makers: MILLS

30 "The Eternal City": ROME

31 Yoda trainee: JEDI

32 Mariners' saint: ELMO

33 Hustles: SCAMS

35 Option if the bar is raised: STOOL

36 Quit: CEASED

37 Documents with a Key Skills section, maybe: RESUMES

38 Classic concert halls: ODEA

42 Assembly with speakers? STEREO

44 Shoe brand with a three-stripe logo: ADIDAS

45 Bahrain's capital: MANAMA

46 Bubbles and Bonzo: CHIMPS

49 They may be put on pedestals: VASES

50 R.E.M. lead singer Michael: STIPE

52 Apples for teachers, maybe: IMACS

54 Place for a Santa sighting: MALL

55 Aces have low ones, briefly: ERAS

56 Shorten a plot: MOW

59 Genre for Eve: RAP

60 One of four singers on 2001's "Lady Marmalade": MYA

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