LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 20 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 20 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 One of a pair in "Waiting for Godot": ACT

4 __ ray: COSMIC

10 Where rds. meet: JCTS

14 Frat address: BRO

15 Iris ring: AREOLA

16 Obama's birthplace: OAHU

17 Basic resting place: COT

18 Personal guide: VALUESYSTEM

20 Start of "A Visit From St. Nicholas": TWAS

22 Common base: TEN

23 "Joke's on you!": HAHA

24 Shoe fastener: VELCROSTRIP

27 Animal's gullet: MAW

30 "To see __ is a picture": Dickinson: HER

31 Make subservient: ENSLAVE

33 Nincompoop: BOOB

35 "Biggest Little City in the World": RENO

37 Next Dodger after Fernando to win the Cy Young Award: OREL

38 Historic Manhattan jazz club: VILLAGEVANGUARD

41 Ancient Icelandic text: EDDA

42 Birthstone for some Scorpios: OPAL

43 Bavarian count opener: EINS

44 Pose anew, as a question: REFRAME

46 Hosp. areas: ERS

47 Put away: ATE

48 Cloud above a peak: VOLCANICASH

54 Hideout: LAIR

56 Crude shelter: HUT

57 Thing on a string: KITE

58 Source of the Romance languages: VULGARLATIN

62 Sound after a punch: OOF

63 How some games are won, briefly: INOT

64 Dawn goddess: AURORA

65 Aflame: LIT

66 Cuts: MOWS

67 Shows disapproval, in a way: HISSES

68 Far from friendly: ICY


1 "How to Get Away With Murder" airer: ABCTV

2 Actor Russell: CROWE

3 Whole: TOTAL

4 Member of the reigning NBA champs: CAV

5 Big talker: ORATOR

6 Graf rival: SELES

7 See 12-Down: MOUNT

8 The Seine's __ Saint-Germain: ILE

9 Use to one's advantage: CASHINON

10 Tease: JOSH

11 Regatta racer: CATAMARAN

12 With 7-Down, sermon site: THE

13 (In) brief: SUM

19 Prattles: YAPS

21 Gentleman, at times? SCHOLAR

25 Sitcom that starred a singer: REBA

26 Kidney-related: RENAL

28 States as fact: AVERS

29 Join with heat: WELD

32 Comedian who said, "I have a lot of beliefs, and I live by none of 'em": LOUISCK

33 Lavatory fixture: BIDET


35 Turn off: REPEL

36 Green of "Penny Dreadful": EVA

38 Designer Wang: VERA

39 Scene of biblical destruction: GOMORRAH

40 Spice Girl Halliwell: GERI

45 Nike competitor: AVIA

46 Whole: ENTIRE

49 Blackens: CHARS

50 Jaguars, for instance: AUTOS

51 Garlicky spread: AIOLI

52 Unlikely to come unglued: STOIC

53 Big name in the bags aisle: HEFTY

55 Fed. employees: AGTS

58 Energetic spirit: VIM

59 Game with wild cards: UNO

60 Him, to Henri: LUI

61 "A Queens Story" rapper: NAS

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