LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 October 2017

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Los Angeles Times 20 October 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 October 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Kind of rain or rock: ACID

5 Affect profoundly: AWE

8 Often-converted residence: LOFT

12 Like the "funny bone" nerve: ULNAR

14 Poet Silverstein: SHEL

15 Declare firmly: AVER

16 Early sustenance for Bruce Wayne? GOTHAMMILK

18 Country where Quechua is spoken: PERU

19 Great Plains native: UTE

20 Pluto quintet: MOONS

21 Gets on the wrong train, say: ERRS

22 Handing a St. Louis team an embarrassing loss? SHAMINGTHEBLUES

26 Mother with a Nobel prize: TERESA

27 Fight in the backwoods: RASSLE

28 Vacation fill-in: Abbr.: ASST

29 Message often included in its response: EMAIL

32 Central Dallas? ELS

33 Tribal VIP's family? SHAMANKIN

37 Elastic wood: ASH

40 Sister magazine of Jet: EBONY

41 God with a quiver: EROS

45 Where the groom may walk down the aisle: STABLE

47 Soi-__: self-styled: DISANT

49 Easy out in rodent baseball? POPUPTOAHAMSTER

53 Components of 56-Across: HOPS

54 Quartet member: VIOLA

55 Org. with Jungians: APA

56 Malt creations: ALES

57 Went all out on stage ... or a hint to the four other longest puzzle answers: HAMMEDITUP

59 Ticket booth sight: LINE

60 Protected, in a way: ALEE

61 Sister of Thalia: ERATO

62 Hardy heroine: TESS

63 Perception-changing drug: LSD

64 Letter heading abbr.: ATTN


1 Masters course: AUGUSTA

2 Fabled emperor's lack: CLOTHES

3 Emotionally overwhelmed: INTEARS

4 Morse "T": DAH

5 "Can't you take __?": AHINT

6 Like Roald Dahl, by birth: WELSH

7 Yellowstone grazer: ELK

8 Settings for small American flags: LAPELS

9 Do to death: OVERUSE

10 Voice of President Business in "The Lego Movie": FERRELL

11 Bridge supports: TRUSSES

13 "Ghostbusters" actor: RAMIS

14 Air quality issue: SMOG

17 Lisa's title: MONA

23 Team whose mascot's head is a baseball: METS

24 Viking history VIP: ERIK

25 Island near Java: BALI

29 Confessional music genre: EMO

30 Anthropologist's subject: MAN

31 Whichever: ANY

34 Give a hand: HELP

35 Assist badly? ABET

36 Storied loch: NESS

37 It might be on the road for years: ASPHALT

38 Cop's info source: STOOLIE

39 Stumbles (upon): HAPPENS

42 Snare drum sound: RATATAT

43 Feature of many a birdie: ONEPUTT

44 Secure, as a knapsack: STRAPON

46 Smooches: BUSSES

47 Glen relative: DALE

48 "__ these wars for Egypt": Antony: IMADE

50 Shapes formed by angled spotlights: OVALS

51 Zeroed in: AIMED

52 Telecommuter's workplace: HOME

57 Clarke computer: HAL

58 Nest egg acronym: IRA

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