LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 20 October 2018

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Los Angeles Times 20 October 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 20 October 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Name derived from a Kyrgyz word meaning "sea of islands": ARAL

5 __ therapy: GENE

9 Food quality: SAPOR

14 Makes a play for: MOVESINON

16 Patriotic nickname: USOFA

17 Start of many a puzzle: ONEACROSS

18 Enjoys a course: GOLFS

19 Stopped using: KICKEDTHEHABIT

21 Addie's husband in "As I Lay Dying": ANSE

22 "Our acts make or __ us": Victor Hugo: MAR

23 Fee: Abbr.: CHG

25 "The Night They Invented Champagne" musical: GIGI

27 Curved sword, to Brits: SABRE

29 Elver, e.g.: EEL

30 Bug: DEFECT

32 In a happy place: GLAD

33 __ Fridays: TGI

34 "Seriously?": ITIS

35 Hard-to-find items, to collectors: RARES

37 Teller's output: YARN

38 Sydney's st.: NSW

39 Strong reaction: RISE

40 "No more!": STOPIT

42 First cloned mammal: EWE

43 Increased: UPPED

45 Shaded: HUED

46 Noël Coward, for one: SIR

47 Proverbial team feature? NOI

48 Where Zeno taught: ELEA

50 Experimental vehicle: SELFDRIVINGCAR

56 "Twilight" author Stephenie: MEYER

57 "Nurse Jackie" Emmy winner: EDIEFALCO

58 Compensate (for): ATONE

59 Quick to recover: RESILIENT

60 Wet: DOUSE

61 Spotted: SEEN

62 Refusals: NOES


1 Out of control: AMOK

2 Pasta __: food brand: RONI

3 "__ plaisir!": AVEC

4 Auto fluid problems: LEAKAGES

5 Braces (oneself): GIRDS

6 Online reminders: ENOTES

7 It can tide you over: NOSH

8 Harmonious outfit: ENSEMBLE

9 Like many donuts: SUGARED

10 Tell __ story: elicit sympathy: ASOB

11 Legal barrier: POLICETAPE

12 How some survivalists live: OFFTHEGRID

13 __ al-Khaimah: UAE emirate: RAS

15 __ route: SCENIC

20 Hound: HARASS

24 Sparkle: GLINT

25 Sees through: GETSWISETO

26 "Here's my advice ... ": IFIWEREYOU

28 Go along: AGREE

30 Patronizes, with "at": DINES

31 Word from the Greek for "three-footed": TRIPOD

36 Wannabes: ASPIRERS

37 "I thought we were done": YOUAGAIN

39 What animals do in the wild: RUNFREE

41 Roger Goodell's gp.: THENFL

44 Work out: DEVISE

49 Protest where people do and don't take a stand? LIEIN

51 Viewpoint, metaphorically: LENS

52 One from a penseur: IDEE

53 "Pinocchio" goldfish: CLEO

54 Often embarrassing outbreak: ACNE

55 Doesn't keep: ROTS

56 __ money: MAD

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