LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 20 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 20 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 20 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Triangular sails: JIBS

5 Giant among speakers: BOSE

9 Belfry hangers: BATS

13 Online money: ECASH

15 Scoville __: chili pepper heat measurement: UNIT

16 Overly fussy, say: ANAL

17 *Well-worn, as carpets: THREADBARE

19 Tiny: ITSY

20 Bro or sis: SIB

21 Desert partly in northern China: GOBI

22 Put a thin cut in: SLIT

23 Greek Mars: ARES

25 *Lawn mower's spot: GARDENSHED

29 Internet connection: MODEM

31 "Friendly Skies" co.: UAL

32 URL ending of a 37-Across: EDU

33 Least distant: NEAREST

37 Campus VIP: PROF

38 *Give the go-ahead from the control tower: CLEARFORTAKEOFF

42 To the __: maximally: HILT

43 Oven pan: ROASTER

44 Cooling rocks: ICE

45 Diddley and Peep: BOS

46 Core concepts: GISTS

50 *"Dilbert," e.g.: COMICSTRIP

55 Metz milk: LAIT

56 Russo of "Tin Cup": RENE

57 Loads from lodes: ORES

59 To and __: FRO

60 Marine steering mechanisms: FINS

61 *Slapstick slipper? BANANAPEEL

64 Entr'__: ACTE

65 Writer Harte: BRET

66 Swiss Miss product: COCOA

67 Common awards word: BEST

68 Barrie's nonconformist pirate: SMEE

69 Remove, as clothing ... and a hint to the ends of the answers to starred clues: DOFF


1 Stuff thrown overboard: JETSAM

2 10-time MLB All-Star: ICHIRO

3 Like fishhooks, usually: BARBED

4 Atlanta-to-Miami dir.: SSE

5 Forrest's shrimp-loving friend: BUBBA

6 Broadcasting: ONAIR

7 __ Elton John: SIR

8 Mont Blanc summer: ETE

9 Uses a bucket in a boat: BAILS

10 Film noir protagonist: ANTIHERO

11 Suggested, flavorwise: TASTEDOF

12 Cunning: SLY

14 "Macbeth" role: HAG

18 Follow closely: DOG

22 Kenan Thompson is its longest-tenured cast member, briefly: SNL

24 Loi maker: SENAT

26 Uses Pledge, say: DUSTS

27 Patronize, as a restaurant: EATAT

28 Behind: DUFF

30 French sea: MER

34 "Hair" styles: AFROS

35 Fowl pole: ROOST

36 Big time: ERA

37 Danger: PERIL

38 In vogue: CHIC

39 Chewy candy: LICORICE

40 Periodic table items: ELEMENTS

41 Tap site: KEG

45 Dating letters: BCE

47 Mariners' park, familiarly and formerly: SAFECO

48 Lose interest in: TIREOF

49 Minn. college: STOLAF

51 Atlas box: INSET

52 Actress Blakley: RONEE

53 Steamed: IRATE

54 Ballpoint, e.g.: PEN

58 Bunt on a scorecard: SAC

60 Groovy: FAB

61 Air rifle ammo: BBS

62 Chair part: ARM

63 i follower: POD

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