LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 20 September 2017

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Los Angeles Times 20 September 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 20 September 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Helps illegally: ABETS

6 "London Fields" writer Martin: AMIS

10 Serengeti grazer: GNU

13 French name meaning "born again": RENEE

14 Goal-oriented suburban parent? SOCCERMOM

17 Mexican pyramid builder: AZTEC

18 Late with one's payments: INARREARS

19 Bulb that's more sweet than pungent: BERMUDAONION

21 Scheming: SLY

22 Quarterback Dawson: LEN

23 Renewable fuel made from organic matter: BIOGAS

27 Crow's cry: CAW

28 Building guideline: SPEC

30 Tokyo, long ago: EDO

31 Basic two-element computation: BINARYOPERATION

36 "Want the light __ not?": ONOR

37 "Golly!": GEE

38 Good-sized backyard: ACRE

39 Concern for a marketing department: PUBLICRELATIONS

44 One of the Galápagos, e.g.: Abbr.: ISL

45 Fed a line to: CUED

46 Cartoon frame: CEL

47 Balance precariously: TEETER

49 Justice Dept. division: DEA

50 Car stat with city and hwy. components: MPG

53 Forgetful person literally indicated by this puzzle's circles: SCATTERBRAIN

57 Fundraising portmanteau: WALKATHON

60 "You Don't Join Us, We Join You" insurance company: AETNA

61 "Monday Night Football" airer before ESPN: ABCSPORTS

62 Lingering looks: GAZES

63 Deleted, with "out": XED

64 Scheme: RUSE

65 Wade noisily: SLOSH


1 Many Mideast natives: ARABS

2 Chisel's cutting edge: BEZEL

3 Contest submission: ENTRY

4 Abound (with): TEEM

5 Not connected to the church: SECULAR

6 From Thailand, say: ASIAN

7 Like old records: MONO

8 "__ See for Miles": The Who: ICAN

9 Metal-marking tool: SCRIBER

10 "Today" rival, familiarly: GMA

11 Fish-fowl link: NOR

12 Hesitation sounds: UMS

15 Beethoven's Third: EROICA

16 Nevada city near Tahoe: RENO

20 Like morning grass: DEWY

24 Company with "save you 15%" ads: GEICO

25 Beautify: ADORN

26 Loudness units: SONES

27 Astronomer Sagan: CARL

28 Ignore the limit: SPEED

29 Spa treatment: PEEL

31 Hasbro game requiring quick reflexes: BOPIT

32 Unavailable: INUSE

33 Duke or duchess: NOBLE

34 Fairy tale brute: OGRE

35 Elongated comet part: TAIL

40 Arctic covering: ICECAP

41 Museum manager: CURATOR

42 Big name in PCs: ACER

43 Lipton pouches: TEABAGS

48 Disdainful clicks: TSKS

49 Like thick fog: DENSE

50 Passover cracker: MATZO

51 Needle bearers: PINES

52 Grind, as teeth: GNASH

54 Drive-__ window: THRU

55 Youngsters: TOTS

56 Legitimate: REAL

57 Car wash extra: WAX

58 Prez in a stovepipe hat: ABE

59 Type of TV display: LCD

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