LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 20 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 20 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "... harmony in the motion and magnitude of the __ ... ": Copernicus: ORBS

5 Out, perhaps: ABED

9 Maintain: CLAIM

14 Stable newborn: FOAL

15 Particle in a beam: MOTE

16 Lifetime parent: AANDE

17 Asian tourist city: AGRA

18 Initial game payment: ANTE

19 Lengthy sentence: RUNON

20 What included a top hat, for Lincoln? GETTYSBURGDRESS

23 Prohibition __: ERA

24 Support gp. founded under FDR: USO

25 Like Yosemite's El Capitan: SHEER

26 Unvarnished inventions? BARENAKEDLIES

31 P&L report column: YTD

32 Symbol of ease: PIE

33 Part of a baby's repertoire: COO

34 Stops lying? RISES

37 One often stands alone in a split: PIN

38 Devote, as time: SPEND

40 Gp. inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017: ELO

41 They're often seen on trees: KIN

42 Disposed of: ATE

43 Citi Field catcalls? FLUSHINGMEOWS

48 "The Night They Invented Champagne" composer: LOEWE

49 Mentalist Geller: URI

50 Sch. in Manhattan: KSU

53 Joe-induced speaking clarity? CAFFEINEDICTION

57 Get around: AVOID

58 Food stamp? USDA

59 67, for Beethoven's Fifth: OPUS

60 Invisible turnout? NOONE

61 Unlikely: TALL

62 Olive Oyl's mother: NANA

63 Wound up: ENDED

64 Goes after: SUES

65 Go around in circles? EDDY


1 18 or 21, typically: OFAGE

2 Court rival of Rafael: ROGER

3 Bill for shots: BARTAB

4 Picket fence piece: SLAT

5 Assembled: AMASSED

6 Small chocolate-covered candy: BONBON

7 Classic accusation: ETTU

8 Moccasin leather: DEERSKIN

9 Asked for ID: CARDED

10 Victory wreath: LAUREL

11 Lestat de Lioncourt creator: ANNERICE

12 Promises at the altar: IDOS

13 YMCA part: MENS

21 Mongolian tents: YURTS

22 Butter used to deep-fry samosas: GHEE

27 Agreement word: AYE

28 Mimicry: APING

29 Geological time span: EON

30 Scandinavian roofing material: SOD

34 Whistle-blower: REF

35 Down with the flu: ILL

36 Deep South cuisine: SOULFOOD

37 Pesto ingredients: PINENUTS

38 Poker-faced: STOIC

39 Nave seat: PEW

41 New Zealand bird: KIWI

42 Reception aids: AERIALS

44 1959 Fiestas hit: SOFINE

45 Followed: HEEDED

46 Confused mess: MUDDLE

47 Ubiquitous YouTube button ... and a hint to four long Across answers: SKIPAD

51 Squeak or creak: SOUND

52 Take back: UNSAY

53 Prop for Chaplin: CANE

54 The Bard's river: AVON

55 Biblical hunter: ESAU

56 Atmosphere: TONE

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