LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 20 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 20 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 20 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Help in drawing the line: RULER

6 Chums, in slang: PEEPS

11 Garage sale caution: ASIS

15 Classic square-dancing site: BARN

19 Web mag: EZINE

20 Not missing a trick: ALERT

21 "__ we forget": LEST

22 Suit to __: ATEE

23 Like a three-year-old after a tough year, to Mom? FINALLYFOUR

25 Ice formation: FLOE

26 Old Fords: LTDS

27 Noodle: BEAN

28 "Unleaded" drink: DECAF

30 Response to a crash: REBOOT

32 Quarantine: ISOLATE

35 Dog command: HEEL

36 Key of Brahms' First Piano Concerto: DMINOR

38 Beat the wheat: THRESH

39 Gossipy type: YENTA

40 Counting (on): RELIANT

42 Was in front: LED

43 Accompanist? ESCORT

45 Provided service for, as tables: WAITED

47 Daybreak deity: EOS

49 West Yorkshire city: LEEDS

51 Color distinction: HUE

52 What may be added to impress? IVE

53 "His Dark Materials" protagonist: LYRA

54 Before, before: PRE

55 __ drop: MIC

56 Business casual choice: KHAKIS

59 Result of a three-putt, maybe: BOGEY

60 Thin coating: LAMINA

62 Collegian's diet staple: RAMEN

63 Doves and loves: COOERS

64 Poet contemporary of Milton: DRYDEN

66 Sticking, as a landing: NAILING

68 Start of a classic JFK challenge: ASKNOT

69 Cereal fruit: RAISIN

70 Spreadsheet units: CELLS

71 It's often said with a smile: CHEESE

73 Personal: INNER

74 Santana with 10 Grammys: CARLOS

75 Chicago's __ Center: AON

76 TV drama settings: ERS

78 First name in blues: ETTA

79 Baba in a cave: ALI

80 "__ Miniver": MRS

81 Qualifying races: HEATS

83 Rallying word: RAH

84 Short program: APPLET

87 1980s Cabbage Patch Kids producer: COLECO

89 NASA vehicle: LEM

90 Spot for a spot: TEAROOM

92 Torment: AGONY

94 2001 French title heroine: AMELIE

96 Carnival ride? CRUISE

97 Bar request: NEAT

98 It relieves pain: ANODYNE

99 Summer ermines: STOATS

101 Auspices: AEGIS

103 Bit of handiwork? MANI

104 Come down hard: POUR

105 Earthenware pot: OLLA

107 Peacock, say? STATELYBIRD

113 Pearl Mosque locale: AGRA

114 Guitarist Lofgren: NILS

115 Surround: HEMIN

116 MGM Resorts reward program: MLIFE

117 Damon or Dillon: MATT

118 Eyelid problem: STYE

119 Like horseshoes: ARCED

120 Fancy watch brand: SEIKO


1 Whistler, at times: REF

2 Israeli weapon: UZI

3 Pulitzer winner __-Manuel Miranda: LIN

4 Pave the way for: ENABLE

5 Paramount issues? RELEASES

6 Alexander who directed "Nebraska" and "Sideways": PAYNE

7 Little helper: ELF

8 Fair-hiring abbr.: EEO

9 "Immortal word" in a Bush 41 quote of Dana Carvey: PRUDENT

10 Main follower? STREET

11 Code word for "A": ALFA

12 Singer Simon, refusing to take a limo? SELFDRIVINGCARLY

13 Prefix with -bar: ISO

14 Unproductive: STERILE

15 Fictional boxer's surname: BALBOA

16 Part-time lawyer? ATTORNEYGENERALLY

17 Make over: REDO

18 Catbird seat? NEST

24 Wooden slats: LATHS

29 Shellfish serving: CLAW

31 Lover of Geraint: ENID

32 "__ never work": ITLL

33 Easily led sorts: SHEEP

34 Hospital worker on trial? ORDERLYINTHECOURT

35 "Come __!": HERE

37 Allots, with "out": METES

39 Paul Simon song about a budding international union? YOUCANCALLMEALLY

41 Whom picadors assist: TORERO

44 __ music: idle talk: CHIN

46 Idol whose fans are called Claymates: AIKEN

48 "What __ thou?": SAYST

50 Waters near Jericho: DEADSEA

53 Gander: LOOKSEE

55 Twins' home: Abbr.: MINN

56 Whale food: KRILL

57 Winnie-the-Pooh greeting: HALLO

58 Out of whack: AMISS

59 Big name in audio systems: BOSE

61 Israel's Iron Lady: MEIR

63 Battle of Normandy city: CAEN

64 Martini comparative: DRIER

65 Go off on: RANTAT

67 Home with a view: AERIE

72 Stockings: HOSE

74 Guitar accessories: CAPOS

77 Draft holder: STEIN

80 Chamonix peak: MONT

81 Common features of wordplay: HOMONYMS

82 Bob Hoskins' role in "Hook": SMEE

84 Stuck, after "in": ARUT

85 Contaminates: POISONS

86 Zest: TANG

87 "The drink's on me" speaker? COASTER

88 Lock site: CANAL

91 Turkey's highest peak: ARARAT

93 Performer with many fans? GEISHA

95 Fit to serve: EDIBLE

98 Add a rider to, say: AMEND

99 Cybernuisance: SPAM

100 When repeated, "Animal House" chant: TOGA

102 Facilitate: EASE

106 Blitzed: LIT

108 "Better Call Saul" network: AMC

109 20-20, e.g.: TIE

110 George __, first king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland: III

111 What D.C. Stadium was renamed in 1969: RFK

112 __ volente: DEO

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