LA Times Crossword answers Friday 21 April 2017

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Los Angeles Times 21 April 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 21 April 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 African currency: RAND

5 Tater __: TOTS

9 U.K. equivalent of an Oscar: BAFTA

14 Burnt toast indicator: ODOR

15 Heroic poetry: EPOS

16 Noble objective: IDEAL

17 Compressed "Blue Suede Shoes" as sung by Elvis? COVERSION

19 Make happen: CAUSE

20 Imply: GETAT

21 Compressed syntax topic? WORDER

22 Ecol., e.g.: SCI

25 Traitor: RAT

26 Canal locale: EAR

27 Emerson's "jealous mistress": ART

28 Compressed piece of hardware? COMPUTERMINAL

32 Nordic counterpart: ALPINE

33 Heat source: OIL

34 Judgment concern: BIAS

37 Nothing, in Nice: RIEN

38 On the other hand: BUT

39 Salinger title character with professional singing aspirations: ESME

40 Creative singing style: SCAT

41 Home sick, say: OUT

42 Perfumery compound: ACETAL

44 Compressed Homeland Security role? COUNTERRORISM

47 "That's awful!": UGH

49 Lush: SOT

50 Tiebreakers, briefly: OTS

51 Old anti-Union gp.: CSA

52 Compressed carnivore? MEATER

54 Manuscript marks: STETS

56 Austrian composer Berg: ALBAN

57 Compressed gastric complaints? STOMACHES

61 Author known for teddy bear stories: MILNE

62 Amos at the piano: TORI

63 The last Mrs. Chaplin: OONA

64 Latin clarifier: IDEST

65 Smart answer, sometimes: SASS

66 Terrible time: TWOS


1 Elephant predator of myth: ROC

2 Brouhaha: ADO

3 Scorpio mo.: NOV

4 Remnant: DREG

5 Willed? TESTATE

6 Sleep inducer: OPIATE

7 Binge: TOOT

8 Identity thief's target: Abbr.: SSN

9 Crescent-shaped: BICORN

10 Purim month: ADAR

11 Like a Middle Ages social system: FEUDALISTIC

12 It's a stunner: TASER

13 It may be red: ALERT

18 "Friends" episode, now: RERUN

21 Knock 'em dead at the jazz club: WAIL

22 Lasting marks: SCARS

23 Infant illness: COLIC

24 Like high-level treason: IMPEACHABLE

26 Put out: EMIT

29 It's spotted in Westerns: PINTO

30 Way to go: ROUTE

31 "Drink __": 2014 Luke Bryan #1 country hit: ABEER

35 Gather: AMASS

36 1965 march site: SELMA

38 Target: BUTT

41 __ about: ONOR

42 Diana's Greek counterpart: ARTEMIS

43 Spanish seashore: COSTA

45 Early online forum: USENET

46 Chopper parts: ROTORS

47 Savory taste: UMAMI

48 Very cold: GELID

53 Beige cousins: TANS

54 Portico for Pericles: STOA

55 Conan Doyle, for one: SCOT

57 The CSA's eleven: STS

58 The sixth W? HOW

59 "Ambient 1: Music for Airports" artist: ENO

60 KLM competitor: SAS

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