LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 April 2018

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Los Angeles Times 21 April 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 April 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Classic dramatic device: FATALFLAW

10 Demonstration of power, perhaps: NTEST

15 Winter carnival attraction: ICEPALACE

16 Mythical myrtle-and-roses wreath wearer: ERATO

17 Updated "What a shame!": THATBITES

18 Cane-carrying Mr.: MAGOO

19 Country E of Cyprus: SYR

20 Marsh growth: REED

21 Beauty aisle brand: REVLON

22 Virus eponym: BARR

23 Assigns new rankings to: RESEEDS

24 Narrow types: BIGOTS

27 Caravan components: CAMELS

28 Parting word: ADIOS

29 1848 classic song about an Alabama-to-Louisiana traveler: OHSUSANNA

32 Court pros: REFS

33 Lingerie specifications: DCUPS

34 Hair products: GELS

35 Uris WWII novel: BATTLECRY

37 Harass: BESET

38 "Help me out, bro": BEAPAL

39 Nissan compact: SENTRA

40 Actor's dream: STARDOM

42 Cleverly planned, as a trick: NEAT

43 Warn, in a way: HISSAT

44 Territory with a palm tree in its seal: GUAM

45 Onetime JFK arrival: SST

48 Like some casks: OAKEN

49 Fate of Peter's father, in kiddie lit: RABBITPIE

51 Sections: AREAS

52 Dell gaming brand: ALIENWARE

53 Barista's offering: LATTE

54 Intimidating psychological tactics: HEADGAMES


1 Makes sense: FITS

2 Hurting: ACHY

3 Run like the wind: TEAR

4 Liable: APT

5 Research subjects: LABRATS

6 Message disseminators: FLIERS

7 Not as punctual: LATER

8 Justified serious studying for: ACED

9 Former NFL receiver Welker: WES

10 Sinestro and Professor Zoom, in their respective universes: NEMESES

11 Tour coordinator: TRAVELAGENT

12 Home on a high cliff, perhaps: EAGLESNEST

13 Rose: STOOD

14 18-Across and others: TOONS

21 Important player in the founding-of-Rome story: REMUS

22 Child-raising technique? BOOSTERSEAT

23 Rough-sounding: RASPY

24 Wire sticker: BARB

25 What a raised index finger may indicate: IDEA

26 Present often mailed: GIFTBASKET

27 Lout: CHURL

29 "Law of parsimony" philosopher: OCCAM

30 Brewer, e.g., briefly: NLER

31 Cinema pooch: ASTA

33 Waiting room site: DEPOT

36 Matisse work featuring hand-holding: LADANSE

37 Wearing a grin: BEAMING

39 Skate home: SEABED

40 Skimboarding hazard: SHOAL

41 Top prom wear? TIARA

42 Abu Simbel's region: NUBIA

44 Severe blow: GALE

45 Filter target: SPAM

46 "Game of Thrones" address: SIRE

47 Screen-printing targets: TEES

49 Sound from a fan: RAH

50 Lindbergh Line airline: TWA

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