LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 21 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Seer's card: TAROT

6 On __: without a contract: SPEC

10 No. on an invoice: ACCT

14 When directed: ONCUE

15 Downtime: LULL

16 Cub or Brave, briefly: NLER

17 Lawman Earp: WYATT

18 Armory contents: AMMO

19 Like a slick garage floor: OILY

20 Stretched wall hangings: CANVASPRINTS

23 ... __ to grow on: extra birthday cake candle: ANDONE

26 Severe anxiety: ANGST

27 Semi-casual garment named for an Atlantic island: BERMUDASHORTS

32 See 25-Down: BREES

33 Words of empathy: ICARE

34 Cries of pain: YOWS

35 Leaves out: OMITS

36 Bottom of a ship: HULL

40 Cause abrasion: CHAFE

41 Leg bone: TIBIA

42 Major blood vessel in the neck: CAROTIDARTERY

45 21st-century president with a Nobel Peace Prize: OBAMA

47 Sparkly headwear: TIARAS

48 Waste one's time ... or what 20-, 27- and 42-Across contain? RUNINCIRCLES

53 "My goodness!": EGAD

54 Dueling blade: EPEE

55 Take potshots: SNIPE

59 Early automaker: OLDS

60 Billionth: Pref.: NANO

61 Raptor's claw: TALON

62 Senate spot: SEAT

63 Citrus drinks: ADES

64 Leered at: OGLED


1 AAA job: TOW

2 At least one: ANY

3 Color TV pioneer: RCA

4 Results: OUTCOMES

5 The "T" in DPT: TETANUS

6 Croat, for one: SLAV

7 Mountain cat: PUMA

8 Shade trees: ELMS

9 Trotting sound: CLOP

10 Bless with oil: ANOINT

11 Holds on tight: CLINGS

12 Boston NBAers: CELTS

13 Private rendezvous: TRYST

21 Actor Beatty: NED

22 Like Flying Eagle pennies: RARE

23 First name in advice: ABBY

24 Fiddling emperor: NERO

25 With 32-Across, record-setting New Orleans Saints quarterback: DREW

28 Set one's sights on: AIMAT

29 Jules Verne genre: SCIFI

30 Couldn't stand: HATED

31 Hosp. areas: ORS

35 "Gotcha!": OHO

36 Ran into trouble: HITASNAG

37 Lyft alternative: UBER

38 Turkish money: LIRA

39 Potato chip brand: LAYS

40 Prefix with berry: CRAN

41 Gives it a go: TRIESTO

42 Country with the longest coastline: CANADA

43 In the thick of: AMIDST

44 World's busiest airport, on luggage tags: ATL

45 Layered cookies: OREOS

46 Taps horn: BUGLE

49 Wrestler John: CENA

50 Tablet with Siri: IPAD

51 "The Son of Man" painter Magritte: RENE

52 Corp. bigwigs: CEOS

56 Under the weather: ILL

57 "Annabel Lee" poet: POE

58 Coincidentally and aptly, it was also yesterday's last Down answer: END

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