LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 21 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 21 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Big butte: MESA

5 Michael of "Superbad": CERA

9 Timetable: Abbr.: SCHED

14 Cartel acronym: OPEC

15 Gravy base: ROUX

16 Writing that isn't poetry: PROSE

17 *Top dog: BIGCHEESE

19 Surrounding glows: AURAE

20 Chicken: SCARED

21 Prepares to serve, as melon: SLICESUP

23 Textbook division: UNIT

25 Stadium attendance counter, perhaps: STILE

26 Fill with freight: LADE

29 Spam producer, for short: BOT

31 Squabbles: SETTOS

34 Versatile blackjack cards: ACES

35 Hibernation spot: LAIR

37 Egg cream ingredient: SYRUP

38 Former "Great American Baking Show" co-host Vardalos: NIA

39 *Beef: REDMEAT

41 Azores' ocean: Abbr.: ATL

42 Build an extension on: ADDTO

44 Strong desires: YENS

45 Verdi princess who sings "O patria mia": AIDA

46 Specks in the sea: ISLETS

48 __ room: play area: REC

49 Mail opening in a door: SLOT

50 Big name in stationery: EATON

52 "__ #1!": winners' cry: WERE

54 Very brave: INTREPID

57 South Florida city: NAPLES

61 Away from the office: NOTIN

62 Racer's advantage ... and what each part of the answers to starred clues can be: HEADSTART

64 Prepare to talk to a child, maybe: KNEEL

65 Doing nothing: IDLE

66 Comparison words: ISTO

67 "My bad": SORRY

68 Show the way: LEAD

69 Enjoy, as gum: CHEW


1 Black Friday crowds: MOBS

2 Grand-scale tale or grand-scale fail: EPIC

3 Arcade name: SEGA

4 Builds up: ACCRUES

5 Trustworthy: CREDIBLE

6 Non-discrimination letters: EOE

7 Former Wisconsin senator Feingold: RUSS

8 Skating jumps: AXELS

9 Most ditzy: SPACIEST

10 The "C" of SPCA: CRUELTY

11 *Equestrian's path: HORSETRAIL

12 Jacob's twin brother: ESAU

13 __-dish pizza: DEEP

18 Farm squawker: HEN

22 "Live from New York, __ 'Saturday Night!'": ITS

24 Apple-polisher: TOADY

26 Hawaiian island: LANAI

27 Litmus reddeners: ACIDS

28 *Undeliverable bit of mail: DEADLETTER

30 Oven buzzer: TIMER

32 Perform better than: OUTDO

33 Wet impact sound: SPLAT

36 Extend a subscription: RENEW

39 In a nasty manner: ROTTENLY

40 Climbed: ASCENDED

43 Needing more tissues, probably: TEARIER

45 Sterile: ASEPTIC

47 Soak (up), as gravy: SOP

51 Nothing, in Latin: NIHIL

53 Univ. dorm overseers: RAS

54 Calligraphy supplies: INKS

55 Taboo: NONO

56 "__ Dinah": 1958 Frankie Avalon hit: DEDE

58 Eyelid hair: LASH

59 One-named Deco artist: ERTE

60 Stash in a hold: STOW

63 Pie __ mode: ALA

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