LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 21 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 21 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 21 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Half of a stiff price to pay: ARM

4 Chinese food additive: MSG

7 Breed from Honshu: AKITA

12 Sob story makeup: WOES

14 __ Nui: Easter Island: RAPA

15 Jell-O flavor: LEMON

16 Food for the kitty? ANTE

17 *British-owned American hotel chain: HOLIDAYINN

19 Robert the Bruce, for one: SCOT

20 Speak with style: ORATE

21 Latin "to be": ESSE

22 *Went on foot: HOOFEDIT

24 Boys: LADS

26 Actress Longoria: EVA

27 Substitute for: RELIEVE

30 Cat Deeley's role on "So You Think You Can Dance": EMCEE

33 *Wind chill factor relative: HEATINDEX

35 Jobs title, once: CEO

36 Represent inaccurately: BELIE

37 Web access co.: ISP

38 *Three-time U.S. Open champion: HALEIRWIN

41 "Semper fidelis" is one: MOTTO

43 Veterans: OLDPROS

44 Refuge for couples? ARK

45 Italian automaker: FIAT

46 *Subject of much debate: HOTISSUE

51 Golfer's transport: CART

53 Night calls: HOOTS

55 Radius neighbor: ULNA

56 With "The," one of 50 since 8/21/1959, as hinted at by the answers to starred clues: ALOHASTATE

58 Eyeglass frames: RIMS

59 Have more People come to the house? RENEW

60 City near Anaheim: BREA

61 Dueling sport: EPEE

62 Midler of "Hello Dolly": BETTE

63 Leb. neighbor: SYR

64 Cap initials at Busch Stadium: STL


1 Knee-deep (in): AWASH

2 Chop-O-Matic maker: RONCO

3 Anti-harassment movement: METOO

4 New Zealand settler: MAORI

5 Paint spill sound: SPLAT

6 Stable pace: GAIT

7 In the style of: ALA

8 Entered, as data: KEYEDIN

9 "That went right over my head": IMISSEDIT

10 Truckloads: TONS

11 Heche of "Psycho" (1998): ANNE

13 Fixed charge: SETFEE

14 Valerie Harper sitcom: RHODA

18 Get rid of: DELETE

23 Christmas __: EVE

25 Boxer who beat Frazier twice: ALI

27 Ball game delayer: RAIN

28 Tuxedo part: VEST

29 Former Canadian MLBer: EXPO

30 Repeat: ECHO

31 Happy __: MEAL

32 Leading edge of cooler temperatures: COLDFRONT

33 Cuts down: HEWS

34 Yale alum: ELI

36 Thin soups: BROTHS

39 Peter the Great, e.g.: EPITHET

40 401(k) kin, briefly: IRA

41 CT scan relative: MRI

42 "Sounds good": OKSURE

44 Utterly confused: ATSEA

46 White with frost: HOARY

47 Furry swimmer: OTTER

48 Berth places: SLIPS

49 Not yet achieved, as a goal: UNMET

50 Art class item: EASEL

51 Atkins no-no: CARB

52 Toward shelter: ALEE

54 Some parlors, for short: OTBS

57 Stun: AWE

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