LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 21 December 2017

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Los Angeles Times 21 December 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 21 December 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It can generate a lot of interest: CREDIT

7 Become less aloof: THAW

11 Texting format, briefly: SMS

14 Saint of çvila: TERESA

15 Opera set in Egypt: AIDA

16 Fell with an ax: HEW

17 Whirligig: SPINNINGTOY

19 Toothpaste-approving org.: ADA

20 Northernmost capital on the Mississippi: STPAUL

21 Key of Grieg's only piano concerto: Abbr.: AMIN

22 Careful way to play it: SAFE

25 Mont Blanc, e.g.: ALPINEPEAK

28 Class-conscious gp.? PTA

29 Actress de Armas of "Blade Runner 2049": ANA

30 Swivel around: SLUE

31 Fielding mishap: ERROR

33 Attacking fiercely: STORMING

37 Fine woolen wear: CASHMERESWEATER

40 Increased steadily: SPIRALED

41 Rogue: KNAVE

42 Lively, in mus.: ANIM

43 Charlottesville sch.: UVA

45 Majors in acting: LEE

46 Westminster award: BESTINSHOW

50 Admiral who explored the Antarctic: BYRD

51 x, y and z, in math: AXES

52 11th Greek letter: LAMBDA

54 "Hey, ewe!": BAA

55 Motown group ... and what 17-, 25-, 37- and 46-Across comprise? THEFOURTOPS

60 Large shade tree: ELM

61 Run into: MEET

62 Garden figures in red hats: GNOMES

63 Muddy pen: STY

64 Scalawags: IMPS

65 Grieg wrote only one for piano: SONATA


1 Euro parts: Abbr.: CTS

2 Street cred: REP

3 "__ tu": Verdi aria: ERI

4 Not getting it: DENSE

5 Ain't right? ISNT

6 Clavell's "Shogun" sequel: TAIPAN

7 Prepare to advance after a fly ball: TAGUP

8 Schedules of items to deal with: HITLISTS

9 Hubbub: ADO

10 Path: WAY

11 "Tut-tut!": SHAME

12 __ blitz: MEDIA

13 Two-time Best Actress winner Hilary: SWANK

18 Simba's mate: NALA

21 Hypothetical evolutionary link: APEMAN

22 Short glasses? SPECS

23 Set __ for: lure: ATRAP

24 Language that gave us "bazaar": FARSI

26 Sweet'__: coffee additive: NLOW

27 California's motto: EUREKA

29 Stylish suit: ARMANI

32 "Darn it!": OHRATS

33 But, to Brutus: SED

34 See 43-Down: ITALY

35 When the sun rises in the west: NEVER

36 Avarice: GREED

38 Mother of Sam and Charlie Woods: ELIN

39 Dreaming phase: REMSLEEP

43 Man, in 34-Down: UOMO

44 Beetles: VWBUGS

46 Innocent ones: BABES

47 Sing the praises of: EXALT

48 Hardly wholesome: SEAMY

49 Sword handles: HAFTS

50 Relay stick: BATON

53 Spy-fi villain on Crab Key: DRNO

55 "I don't need the deets!": TMI

56 Fence (in): HEM

57 Medical suffix: OMA

58 Odie, to Jon Arbuckle: PET

59 Org. funded by FICA: SSA

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