LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 December 2019

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Los Angeles Times 21 December 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 21 December 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Swagger: BRAVADO

8 Elite list: WHOSWHO

15 Tent event: REVIVAL

16 "Get going!": HOPTOIT

17 No longer happening: ATANEND

18 Its namesake, a former Surveyor General of India, objected to having it being for him: EVEREST

19 Hip-hop subgenre: GANGSTA

20 '20s tennis star Lacoste: RENE

21 Convene: SIT

22 De bene __: literally, of well-being: ESSE

24 Exchanges: SWAPS

28 Old Messina money: LIRA

31 __ operandi: MODI

33 Aromatic garland: LEI

34 More than is tolerable: ONCETOOOFTEN

38 Charles, until he's in charge: HEIRTOTHETHRONE

41 Doesn't evolve: STAYSTHESAME

42 Area of interest: BAG

43 Cold War leader Andropov: YURI

44 Longbow wood sources: YEWS

47 Lumps: CLODS

50 Places where shooting occurs: SETS

52 Like aspirin, briefly: OTC

54 Sermon ender? ETTE

56 Spot for a bowler: HATTREE

59 Kerosene cousin: COALOIL

62 Like some light, fruity wines: UNOAKED

63 Annual February race site: DAYTONA

64 Croc or cobra: REPTILE

65 Cat's asset: STEALTH

66 Like some lumber: TREATED


1 Crows: BRAGS

2 Sell at the mall, say: RETAIL

3 Italian "forward": AVANTI

4 "Pulp Fiction" actor Rhames: VING

5 City rtes.: AVES

6 Boccaccio added "Divina" to the title of his masterpiece: DANTE


8 Response to a wince: WHEREDOESITHURT

9 __ to: halted, nautically: HOVE

10 Debuts: OPENS

11 Scatter: STREW

12 Anguish: WOE

13 Part of HMS, at times: HIS

14 Giants legend: OTT

23 "Told you!": SOTHERE

25 Glee club voice: ALTO

26 Rounded tool part: PEEN

27 Trig function: SINE

29 Rival of Tiger: RORY

30 Giants in the 1954 horror film "Them!": ANTS

32 Smidgen: IOTA

35 Owner of Clairol and CoverGirl: COTY

36 "Goodness!": OHMY

37 Let out: FREE

38 London-based financial corp. founded in Hong Kong: HSBC

39 Short space saver: ETAL

40 "It is the green-eyed monster ... " speaker: IAGO

45 Exercise prompt: WORKIT

46 Brosnan role in '80s TV: STEELE

48 Yazoo region: DELTA

49 One without arms: STOOL

51 More lucid: SANER

53 Turned over: CEDED

55 Decorator's subtlety: TINT

57 Drink copiously: TOPE

58 "Ciao!": TATA

59 Streaming alternatives: CDS

60 Meal starter? OAT

61 Word of obedience: AYE

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